Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Armed Forces Day

Today was a BUSY and productive day!  So this may be a short post.  I not only started but ACCOMPLISHED something BIG on my 101 list.  So big that I think I should be able to cross off more than one line...alas...

We have what is called "the pump house."  Years ago it would have been called the "milk house" as I think it had a tank that they put the milk in.  It also houses the pump to our well.  And from the labels on the shelves it looks as though it was previously a root cellar.  Since we've been here it's been the 'junk house'.  It had a bunch of junk from two renters ago...and one renter ago, and from the one before them (about 15 years ago!)  Then add some of our stuff that when we moved it, I had no idea where to put.  So it went into the pump house.  Now add the fact that all winter I have been going to my favorite thrift store that seems to have jars every other time for CHEAP! and I would stack boxes of jars on any surface that didn't seem like it was going to crash over.

Yes, I should have taken a before picture!!

So over the winter, the power failed and the heater went off in the insulated box that the pump is in...and it cracked.  Now useless.  And me, not realizing...leaked water all over the floor and made it incredibly damp in there.

Man keeps saying that he needs to get the repair guy out, making my blood pressure go through the roof, because frankly, I know what kind of mess is in there.  BUT TODAY!!!  I CLEANED OUT THE WHOLE PUMP HOUSE! I organized the jars up onto shelved.  Was sad and disappointed at the things that were ruined by sitting in the damp, getting molded.  Clothes for charity that was "staged" that now no one can use.  The boxes of books that I didn't have shelves in the house for, some of our previous homeschooling stuff for the sale.....I filled up all three trash cans and two boxes.  You can walk in there now.  The repair man is coming on Friday to fix the pump (No more hauling water to the barn and chicken house!! WOOHOO!) 

And I have a table set up in there to continue going through stuff that is now safely up on shelves and needs decluttered or homes found.  But the next job is the Homeschool/Scrapbook Room.  It is on equal footing as the pump house.  You would not believe the mess.  It's where everything that I don't know what to do with, stuff that is "grounded" from Boy's room, scrapbook stuff that I know I would use...if I could find it. and the time.  Plus, I've got one week until the curriculum it has to get done!!  YIKES.  No resting on laurels.


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