Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th! least so far.  I've collected 24 eggs, and 2 duck eggs.  Boy just came to tell me he found a big nest of them in the grain barn breeze way.  As soon as he brings them in, I'll "float" them to find out if they are good....

Did you know, if you put an egg in water (it has to be over the egg), if it lays horizontally on the bottom that it is freshly laid (within a few days).  If the end tips up a bit, it is still good, just older than a week.  These are the ones best for hard boiling (Fresh eggs are very difficult to peel, you need it to be a week / 10 days - store eggs are almost always this old)  If they float...throw them out!! Don't crack them either!

Later today, Boy has his Dualathon.  I think they run a mile, bike 2 miles, then run another mile.

I have optimistically changed my clothes around from my winter to summer clothes.  Culled out clothes that I haven't worn or don't fit.  I'll take them with me to church with me tonight for the Grace Clothes Closet...and will be accomplishing one thing on my 101 list...woohoo!

More updates later!

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Niki said...

You are just cracking on that list, girl.
Well done!