Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a crazy day! (From 5/12)

Another HOT one!  We're still working on getting the garden in.

We had a wonderful, unexpected blessing.  Yesterday, I was totally upset because the chickens were coming in the garden behind us and eating the things that we had planted.  I even threw my hand shovel at one of them (Don't worry, I have poor aim!)  Shortly after, I sat down totally defeated and trying to figure out what to do...then my Man, who gets emails from Freecycle, said there was a lady in Gahanna that had lots of rolls of  chicken wire left from their Easter pagent at church to give away.  Man emailled back and said that we would give them a great home and we'd love to exchange some eggs for them.

I had to go down to town for's appointment, so a time was agreed upon.  What a wonderful Godly lady!  We spent time talking in her driveway and laughing.  Mainly we were giggling because I brought down the little car...Man TOLD me to take the van...but gas is over $4 a gallon so I insisted that however much would fit in the car.  When the nice lady, Mrs.M, saw my car she said, "Maybe you should come see how much I have!"  Gulp!  But I was determined to prove that my car is truly "the little dump truck" as Dad calls it!  Well, we put roll after roll into the car and they kept fitting in there!  Once they were all in, I laughed that it looked like the old wire curlers that my mom had.  She agreed and added, "If the Jolly Green Giant had a wife...these would be her curlers!"

You judge for yourself!!


Niki said...

That picture is HI-larious

Anonymous said...

oh psshaaawww!!!! what good girl scout can't pack her car completely full & utilizing every inch of packable space!!! great job! Love You!!!! Sheryl