Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

OK...recurring theme....boy was today busy!!

I push acre ish of our property.  It was getting long. Boy worked (cough) on his school (I don't think he did much since I wasn't in here watching him.  Then I spent 20 minutes talking to our delivery guy.  He is going to hook me up with some animals!  WOOHOO.

Danny and Iona took a two hour tour of the neighboring other words, Iona broke her cable (how???) and Danny took off with her...just like Stormy used to.  One of the caretakers of the local Christian "camps" conference center (which is really big and about 2 miles away) drove up with "Do you have a white dog?"  "Two that are missing, actually."  "Great I have them in my van."  SHEESH!

Boy and Man took a break to go fishing down at our neighbor (and friends) pond.  They have 3-4 year old fish that need fished out.  They got about a dozen BIG blue gill.  You may gill don't get big....yes, if they are fed for 3 years they do...and they were hitting their lines within 10-20 seconds!

Then I took Boy down to one of the nice metro parks with his buddies (and their sisters and mom) and the boys made Mason Bee Houses and learned about bees.  The funnest part was when his buddy broke the drill bit into his house and the lady running the workshop said "Well, that one will have to stay filled because I don't have any pliers."  My ever prepared farm boy piped up "I Do!!"  Her face was classic...I wish I had taken a picture!  Then Boy went home to spend the night with his friend (I'll pick him up at gym tomorrow.) and since I was in town, I went over to our favorite Mexican restaurant and pick up chicken chimis to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 

After returning home and stuffing ourselves with chimis...we prayed for our nation as it was also the National Day of Prayer.  I know I forget to pray for our leaders and the folks that got this country into this mess.  I find it hard to pray for our president as I have ZERO respect for him, so it's a little like praying for our enemy , it's a hard thing to do.

Then back outside. I spent an hour picking up sticks and litter from the garden, getting ready for tilling tomorrow (Hopefully) if the rain holds off.  And got the burn barrel going.  I mowed around Ionas opening in the barn until it was completely dark and I couldn't see anymore.  Finally I gave up.  We don't get these nice days much lately so I want to use it all up!  They are calling for another 5-7 days of rain.  Good for mid season gardening...not so much for trying to get the garden in. 

Then Danny Dog got a bath, followed by my shower.  Now I am updating you...and soon..SLEEP!

Tomorrow is another busy day!  I'll try to update some pictures this weekend.

Love ya!


Niki said...

sooooooo... about that day you were going to rest...

Anonymous said...

hey there sweetness! quick note b4 i leave work - do i remember right & you havin 'meat bunnies' for sale? dad's ears perked up when he heard about that possibility....wouldn't suprise me if they stop by on their way up to the lake some time for some fresh eggs & a yummy-bunny ;-P you know dad! Hope all is good with you the past few days. i haven't seen any new blogs since this one....hopefully cuz u busy & not cuz you're down....although i'm with Niki - what about that REST you're supposed to be getting????? hmmmm???? love to the family kisses & hugs Sheryl