Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is it done yet??

The siding that is...the answer is well mostly!  It's a balmy 42* outside today, but no workers.  I guess they need to wait for the next 19* day. Grin.

All the siding is actually on the it is down to just the trim around the windows and doors.  It looks really nice.  I wish they had sided the 'mudroom' add on.  It looks odd now without matching the house. :(  But it is what it is.  I'll just need to paint that part in the spring.  On my 101 goals, I had that I wanted to paint the back door, so....

I have been working diligently on said list....Month of Nothing is going semi-well.  Had to go to the grocery store yesterday and spent more than I wanted to.  Right now, I'm blogging because I have a terrible urge to go to my local Goodwill and see what I "need" there.  I love reading Pinterest...but the side effect is that I need to go to the store to find stuff to "repurpose."   Also, yesterday was gym day for my boy.  We had to run errands all day, and I didn't plan ahead very we stopped at Subway.  However, I used up the "points" that we have been saving forever, so really no out of pocket on that, so I will say that the "no fast food" is actually "spend no money on fast food / take out"  Gift cards and such are allowed.
  • Grocery Store $51.89
  • Fuel $38.66
I also did something wonderful.  I had 6 boxes FULL of homeschooling curriculum, teachers manuals, etc.  A lady from our group, sells curriculum online.  So I brought the whole lot of it down for her. She may not be able to use much of it as it is older, but some of it may be marketable, and she'll give me a bit of $$ for it.  The stuff she can't sell, she has a resource that takes homeschooling materials as donations for low income homeschoolers, and she donates it.  I may not get what I may have from the curriculum fair, but I've taken it to the fair for the past 2 years and in between it sits here taking up room in both the pump house and my mind...and now it's gone!!

Also, yesterday, I worked hard on learning the whole crochet thing.  My great friend, KA gave me for Christmas: yarn (which she tricked me into picking out myself on Black Friday), crochet hooks and a hilarious book called "Learn Crochet in One Day."  Seriously??? I had mentioned to her I wanted to learn how to crochet or knit, one she decided that it was going to be THIS day.  Christmas eve was spent with her and her family.  We played Apples to Apples (Thanks Nana & Pawpa), eating the finger food buffet (see the p'guins below) and then "learning" how to crochet.  They were no sooner out of the driveway and everything I learned went right out the window.  I had a brain freeze and couldn't remember how to turn around.  So I tried 3 more rows....but it was getting narrower, so I knew it was not going well.     Yesterday at gym time, it was confirmed that, no I was not doing it the last 3 rows got pulled out.  (Inside I was throwing a 3-year-old hissy fit!)  But I sat there and worked on it as the "mummies" chatted...and got lessons from KA and two other moms that crochet.  I also got words of encouragement from another close friend who tried to knit once and discovered it was not for her.  She said that you HAVE to finish at least one project.  That she persevered and finished her project.....a scarf...for a WEBKIN.  I think I will follow her example! Grin! 

I stayed up last night, working and working on my crochet...I think I may have finally gotten the hang of turning around and such.  I am not yet to the point where it is even remotely relaxing.  But we'll see.  Then I worked on "Milly" for 30 minutes.  "Milly" is a tiger counted cross-stitch that I've been working on for ....mumble....mumble....OK....since Christmas 1990.  It was named by my DH in 1999, Milly the Millenium Tiger.  I said because I would work all of 99 to get it done by the millenium.  But No, she's Milly because it's going to take me a millenium to finish it!!  But it's on the 101 list so I pulled it down from the closet.  My BFF/cousin told me I should just frame it and call it done and maybe when it's getting down to the wire, I may follow that advice, but for now....15 minutes here and there.....we'll see.

Long post...nothing earth shaking or important, just the day to day, but I wanted to update.

OH...and I'm working on something in my kitchen that I'll be putting up as a tutorial later....AND we may be getting goats in two weeks....more on both soon!


Niki said...

I like long rambley posts about your every day; it makes me feel like i'm there.
And REALLY, i'll happily take Milly the way she is (though in my mind Milly is a boy cause all tigers are boys).

Anonymous said...

I like her rambley posts too! and Milly is a girl? I thought boy too Nik! why in the world wouldn't they side that part too? you know, these guys just don't sound like they've got it together....sorry about the weekend visit - i been sick & apparently it's now going around the rest of the family :-(