Monday, January 9, 2012

How did the first week of January get away??

Good Monday  Perhaps that may be one of the reasons the month is flying by.  I sit down at the computer and next thing I know....

I'm finding lots of fun ideas for this springs farmer's market on Pinterest.  I said I wouldn't go to the thrift store...but I did...and bought less than $10 worth of spoons. Pictures will be posted as I work this out.  Man and Boy are working on their wood carved signs for the market too.  Man has become "imaginary" friends with a guy out in Arizona that has a successful sign making business and they have been comparing notes and sending pictures back and forth.  For Christmas, I received a Dremel bit set so I could try my hand at this too.  But my hand is not as strong so the router is kind of out of the question.

Boy is back to school....Wallace Homestead Academy.  We received a wonderful blessing of some computer based curriculum over the holidays, so after many problems with both the homeschool computer and looking for work arounds on my computer (which somehow got it attacked by some trojen virus...).  Last night, I finally FINALLY got it loaded.  And I actually heard this morning..."Mom, now can I go upstairs and work on school?"  Praise GOD!!  And he's come down with updates such as Did I know that there are 3 different types of muscles?  The vocabulary city game is fun.  Etc.  Sigh.  This is good...praying that it lasts.  He chose not to participate in the "President Day Speeches."  I have mixed emotions about this, but let it go.  Breathe in...breathe out.  Chose my battles.

3 loads of laundry down, 2 customers emailed....and only 1 hour on Pinterest & Facebook.  I've had two odd "attacks/seizures" this morning which is a bit disturbing.  They are happening in a different area and I haven't had them into my temple in quite some time.  Praying they go soon and don't trigger the migraines that also trigger the lesions.  Another sigh. 

Good news:  Siders are outside working.  I consolidated my MK stuff in the homeschool/scrapbook room closet and unburied half of the closet.  Went through 1 box of stuff. (Ta-da, N! It wasn't a box of magazines but still....)  Worked on Milly from 3:18am-4:12am.  Crocheted from 4:12-4:22.  Haven't spent ANY money today!!

We worked on a fun family goal last night.  We decide that since we do not have TV, that we would rent or buy (from 1/2  price books, library, etc) the old classic musicals, and classic movies.  OK, so last nights feature wasn't exactly a musical or very classic in the traditional sense, but it was nostalgic for me at least.   We watched E.T. and stayed up way too late.  So far, we rang in the New Year with Fiddler on the Roof, and Sound of Music on New Year's Day.  I'm looking for Oklahoma and Paint your Wagon now.  I know my dad has them so I might have to make a trip to their house in the city this week (and I'm pretty sure my dad's pet plant, Mona, might need some water. :)


Anonymous said...

Honey - I TRULY love all your ideas! i'm glad to hear about some excitement on the school front....and OOOHHHHHHHH I LOVES ME SOME OLD MOVIES!!! Don't forget 7 Brides for 7 Brothers....If you can get into Oklahoma, it's a definite to put on your list!
Love You All Lots!! Foxy

Niki said...

Well done! I did 2 small boxes for our challenge. We should give each other challenges more often. ;-)