Saturday, January 14, 2012

Would you believe....

That a mouse took out our phone, email and internet for two days?  Yes, these things only seem to happen to us!

It started to rain on...Thursday, and we lost our phone and internet.  Called the tech guys from the cell phone and then they finally made it out after the temp had dropped to 19* and blowing snow.  Seems our cable is hooked in down about 1/2 mile from here and a mouse had made a nice little nest and gnawed through one of our wires!

Considering our cats haven't had a mouse since before Thanksgiving, they are doing their job well.  The closest mouse is 1/2 mile...and hopefully fried from the wire.  I have missed being online. 

Now everyone is sick at the house.  Man started with broncitis (sp?), then Boy came home from a sleepover today looking horrible and slept from about 2 pm today until about 30 minutes ago and then agreed to go back to bed....yes, that is NOT normal.  And I've been fighting a terrible headache, and aches probiotics!!!

This is short and sweet tonight...wanted to let you know where I've been.  Longer note tomorrow.


Niki said...

Glad you're back on-line.
You gotta admit - that is a pretty funny story. ;-)

Anonymous said...

awwwwwww.....illin on the farm :-(