Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January - Month of Nothing!

On my 101 in 1001 list, I decided to do 3 Month of Nothings per year.  All the saved grocery money, etc going to debt.  With me not working now and not getting an income, it's even more important to save $$.  The money saved likely will not go to pay the debt, but to pay the ordinary bills.

Along with this Month of Nothing (MON), I am going to hit a few other goals on the 101 list,

#95-No Fast Food or Take out!
#5-Put something in my Etsy Store.
#2-Money into Emergency Fund

Here is  a great list of "Golden Rules" that came from one of my Scrapbooking Groups for a "No Buy January"

 1. Thou shall not spend ANY money on Crafts and home decor or go into a craft or Dollar store
 2. Thou shall not spend ANY money on DVDs, CDs, Books or Clothes
 3. Thou shall not spend any money on Sweets or Treats (make whatever you got for Christmas last until February young lady!)
4. Thou shall only buy essential groceries and make savings wherever possible!
5. Thou shall only complete crafts with the items already in the house
6. Thou shall not go to `Coffee' or `Lunch' with other Mummies unless invited to their home or them to mine.
7. Thou shall think "Thrifty".

My additional rules:
  • If I do any "Coupon Stockpiling" I need to be saving at least 65% to purchase it. And the weekly budget may NOT go over.
  • Cash only at the grocery store!
  • Egg Money is to go to new chicks this month.
  • Money made on eBay or Craigslist is to go towards paying Christmas debt, once paid, any excess gets divided 
    • Overall Debt (40%)
    • 2012 Christmas fund (20%)
    • Emergency fund (20%)
    • Retreat Fund (10%)
    • Farm Fund (10%)

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Niki said...

Way to go!
Great, reasonable goals.
You can do this!