Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So...what a way to start the year...

Yesterday the breaks went out on our work van....we were able to take it in to be fixed but the roads were seriously icy and we saw two accidents on the way back home.  The mechanic is only 6.2 miles away!

My computer got infected this morning with some Trojen virus.  Great. NOT.  Luckily, I caught it as soon as it started and after being on hold with Norton for over an hour (Their on hold music is WRETCHED-it even sounds like evil hackers lurking around every corner), the nice Indian lady remotely took over my computer and $99.99 later...here I am again!

So, I discovered that I spend WAY too much time on my computer and not doing much while on here...except perhaps my current addiction to Pinterest.  So many great ideas can't possibly be bad!  Right?

I did get my scrapbooking goals figured out...somewhat.  It looks good on paper, until I get into the work room.  Yikes.  I also managed to get all the Christmas stuff put away.  Just waiting until it isn't 19* to take it back down to the cellar.  The siding is mostly up now.  There is just one section of the attic not done and then all the trim pieces.  And none too soon.  Boy it is COLD out there!  Mostly I'm spending my time "feeding" the wood burner or hiding under my electric blanket.  One of my health issues is that my bad foot has very little feeling, and what I do feel is cold, even in the summer, so I have 3 socks on that foot, in my shoe and the dog laying on it :)

Well, now that I am done catching up on my 'current' bellyachin' I should post some pictures from the last month from my lack of blogging....

Let's see...I can't really blog what the secret project was as my Reyn BFF still hasn't gotten hers....hmm...let see....what else.

I mentioned Pinterest....here's from our Christmas Eve "finger food" party.  No, I am not that clever....I found it on...let's say it together....Pinterest.


Niki said...

Those penguins were delicious!
BTW Reyn BFF - I know what the secret project is cause i already got mine - HAHA!
You gotta hurry up and get it cause my Christmas blog includes a picture of it and is set to be posted this week.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that this weekend would be a good time to take a nice country drive :-D (gotta wait til payday to get gas tho LOL) i'd like to bring my humongous children along too....i'm sure Tony would luv to check out the shop again now that he knows what stuff does! Niki u ARE a tease!
"The Reyn BFF"

Anonymous said...

AND btw - what is taking those siding dudes so long? sheesh - go to a job and FINISH IT already! people LIVE there ya know!!!
ok - enuf bellyaching on your behalf :-) xoxox RBFF hehehehe I like that....