Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

When I milked this morning it was 9*!!  Not even double digits.


Everything was so frosty!  I'm learning how to use some of the other settings on my camera this year (101 in 1001 #13) and will be posting my
 daily photo (Project 365 on 101 in 1001 #98) either here or on my Scraptastrophe Studio Blog ( if you want to see what caught my attention each day.  It's another goal for me to be more diligent in posting to my blog(s).  Yes, actually there are 4.  This is the most active one though.  If you want to be on the others...welcome! (Blogging is actually #14, #66, #83, and indirectly # 86-with that many entries into the 101 must be important.)
So I bet you've figured out that I am kicking the 101 list into high gear.  See I had 1001 days...2.75 years....And I've completed....uh...14. now that there is less than 11 months left, and I owe the "not done" jar $10 for everything not completed (and I'm broke!)....and I realize most of these goals are not earth-shattering-life-will-stop-if-not-completed...and maybe they really aren't all that important. But...if I felt like it deserved to be on the list....maybe I should try just a bit harder.  I have already identified at least 5 that just are not going to happen...and that's OK.

I'm also working on my new 101 list for next New Years (#101), so if you have some good ideas, let me know!

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Niki said...

1. that picture is breath-taking
2. i am so excited about your 1001 since we went over it
3. i laughed out loud that you counted Snowball in your animal list
4. seeing you was sooooo terrific, but it makes me miss you even more