Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It seems my life revolves around....

...this bovine!

It was warm enough today that I let the chickens and ducks out to free range. 
This is what it looked like on my path to the barn tonight:
In the barn, another "peaceable kingdom" picture. 
This sad rooster has been relagated to the barn.  His comb got all frostbitten and bloody on the first really, REALLY cold night.  Then the blood was covering his nose and air passages and he was making a terrible wheezing sound.  I was sure he was as good as dead, so I kept him in the barn away from the other chickens.....alas...two weeks later and he seems to be fine.  And started crowing again this morning.  This evening he was sitting on the stall wall behind the rabbits, and then Yellow Cat hopped down from the loft to see what was going on. 
Finally the view from the Barn as I finished up chores...

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