Thursday, January 3, 2013

Enjoying the Sun

It's still a frosty 30*, but it is very sunny.
Bess apparently needs to boost her vitamin D...

She contentedly chewing cud despite all the grass being covered.  My DH Is (I think) hilarious.  He say's she appreciates the need for chilled milk!

Iona is loving the sun, too..

I love that face!!

My dad is all concerned that Bess doesn't have enough to eat, so I took some pictures of our hay supply so he knows that she will be fine:

I realized that 4 of our rabbits kindled in late November, but I haven't posted pictures

Niki and her 6 babies (I love the pointy ears!)

Pfernuessen and her 6 babies (delicious!)

Mopsy and her 6 babies.

Mopsy, Jr and her 6 babies. 
The one with the white spot may becoming part of our breeding program-
Her name is Flash.
Sadly last night, our banty chicken-Sassy-died.  I had brought her inside hoping she was just cold, but unfortunately, she is gone.

Oh, and the two bunnies that we were trying to sell have both gone to new homes!

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Niki said...

LOVE that pic of Bess in the sunlight.