Friday, January 18, 2013

Meals for Friends

Friends of ours (the V's) had a baby on December 31st.  (Their 6th-bless them!)
So we took them a meal, they deserved it!!
Chicken / veggie / noodle Cassarole. YUM!
WallaceHomestead Chickens & Gravy.
I made one for them, one for us and one for a spare. 
One pan is a lot of food, especially for a small family like us. 
Ended up that my Boy's best friend, J. came home with us today after gym (different family), and then J.'s dad came to pick him up and started talking with Man out in the shop...and then next thing we knew it was 7:45 pm and everyone was they stayed for dinner.  YAY!  I didn't have to stress because everything was already ready and there was just the right amount!  Love it when that happens!

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Anonymous said...

please share the receipe, looks great