Monday, January 21, 2013

Bread Day

This picture of the day thing is a bit harder than I imagined.  My days are pretty routine (OK, my routine includes sitting under a cow-slightly different than other people's routine, but still....)

Every Monday and Thursday I bake bread.  I 'kinda' cheat that I put our Bessie milk, Mrs.Cluck'n'Run's eggs, and the freshly ground wheat into a bread machine for all the real work and rising.  I do the dough cycle and then pop it into pans for the final rise and baking.  Last week I also had to bake on Saturday, as one loaf went to our friends on Friday, and the whole other loaf was eaten Friday night.

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Niki said...

I think the 365 project is about really seeing your life, all the ins and outs and amazing things that you do that you take for granted.
Like baking bread.
Common place to you, but so cool when you think about it.
Try to see your life through a stranger's eyes.
I am really enjoying the pictures; keep up the good work.