Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dinner last night

We had butternut squash from the WallaceHomestead Garden.  It was delish!
My dear cousin was...um...intrigued by how I was preparing it.  I don't take the time to try to cut it in half and clean it out and all that nonsense.  The shell is too hard anyway.  I just toss 'em in the oven at 350* then go out to chore.  45 minutes later, I come in to hear them steaming and whistling at me.  It makes a bit of a pocket between the skin and the meat, so I'm able to just peel it. (Carefully--it's hot--no joke!)

Then toss the pieces in a cassarole dish, add salt, pepper and bake for another 20 minutes-ish (while the rest of dinner is cooking-pork chops and sour cream "all-rotten" potatoes, and homemade bread-in the background)

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Anonymous said...

Do you poke a hole in them like you would a potato? i can just picture a big squash explosion in your oven! while it creates a funny picture - it would certainly create a big mess!