Friday, January 11, 2013


As you may (or may not, I dunno) know...I LURVE my crockpot (s).
In fact, I tend to "love" them to their death.  I use my crockpot at LEAST once a week. (And this summer while helping out at my parents house, I used their crockpot at least once a week as well)  I have a little dipper, a 1970's 1 quart with removable crock.  A 5 quart round upright one, and an oval 7 quart.  The 7 quart one is only about 4 months old.  I got it because the 5 quart wasn't big enough, and I had killed the switch on the 6 quart that I had from Arizona (and I {Hearted} the most!).
After Christmas, I was making split pea soup (don't turn your nose up, my family really likes it!  And I get rave reviews on my bean soups even outside of my immediate family!)  Anywho....the back leg of the crockpot apparently melted.  Yikes!
And then the crockpot dropped and was sitting directly on the counter...Double Yikes!
And worse than that...on the power cord. Yup, melted to the metal.
So as much as I hate to post these pictures, it is what I took today.
No, my counter is not that dirty.  That is the burns on my counter.
The company is being very nice.  I called them and they were 'very concerned'.  Yeah, I'm guessing...a burnt down house would be BAD marketing!
So they sent a UPS label for me to send everything back to them.  I have to include a letter of what happened and pictures of the damage.  Then I'll find out what happens...I'm thinking a new crockpot! 
My Man has already been all over the internet searching for the best crockpot for me.  He said since it's probably one of the most used appliances in the kitchen that I should go for high end this time.  In the meantime....I haven't crock-potted in almost a month!! AAAK!
(And this was after the saga of my oven dying not once--but twice in the last 6 weeks.  Died 2 days before Thanksgiving and then again the second week of December--Man fixed it the first time, Boy fixed it the second.  Geez, me being visually impared for the month of December has gotten me really behind in blogging!)

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Niki said...

Crock pots RULE!
I hope they give you something cool.