Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We put an offer in.....

Now she's going to talk to her kids, and I am going to check with the bank to see if we can qualify for just a bit more than we have. NOW, we have to get this house on the market ASAP!!! So I won't be on much as I try to get everything done. I am praying that I can get the house on the market this weekend...yes I realize that is in two days....but I did take the next two nights off! I'll update when I can! Pray for us, and pray for the seller of the house. Pray that God would quickly send the perfect buyers our way....and if you know of anyone looking for a house in Westerville, send 'em our way!

Love ya! Rea

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sorry for the delay in updating!!

So much has been going on! We have been farm hunting and today...I think we found the place!! HORRAY! We just have some hard things to work and discerning that this is God's will for us. Two-figuring out if our customers will drive the extra 25 minutes north of Polaris to buy beds and Three-selling this house!!! Oh, and FOUR-finding the cash to buy it~! Would you pray with us?

But let me back up and tell you about what has transpired in the past few weeks...we found a property right here in Westerville that had about 4 acres and a huge 30X60 pole building...perfect for my Man's business, but the sellers were less than friendly and we couldn't "inspect" the building without being not only prequalified (we are...they requested we be if we even wanted to see the house) but also either have buyers or a proof of a bridge loan to see the barn again. So, I really don't think they want to sell. We wanted to be out of Westerville since we don't use the school system and they have HUGE taxes.

We looked at another property in Johnstown. Beautiful! We were excited when we drove past that a goat came up to greet us. We called to find out the details and went to go see it this past Wednesday (6/11). It comes with the goat and has an option for the horse as well. Unfortunately the pole building for the business does not have a floor or is insulated. Nor is it on seperate power. What a disappointment, especially for the Boy, as he already had taken to the goat and horse. (He's going to make a great country boy!)

Then today (6/14)..I had found this property on Craigslist (have I mentioned my {hearts} for Craigslist today??grin) back in April maybe? I had told one of my coworkers about it and she asked me if I was getting obsessed because I was constantly bringing it up. Well, it was out of our price range and too far North (I thought) . They lowered the price this week and it looks as though distance wise it is further away, but it's highway miles and takes the same amount of time. It's outside of a little town called Marengo. It has 5.177 acres, and a 1900 square foot ranch home with a full basement. And it is the prettiest house I've seen. I can't imagine living in such a pretty house! It has a 1500 sq ft insulated pole barn, and a restored barn with three lean-tos perfect for animals. The lady selling the farm is beyond sweet! She said she would include her two tractors and the golf cart (!). The Boy is thrilled for not only the space to run, and the woods to play in, but her late husband built a playhouse on stilts (with power) He's already planning sleepovers with his buddies. Course, I'm already planning my fields, gardens and what animals to run where! BIG GRIN!

So I need to get busy, I am such a packrat, this will definately be a challenge! We have a curriculum fair on Tuesday, so maybe I can sell some of this stuff.