Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here is a picture of Pure Puppy Contentment!

Kristl enjoying a patch of sunshine.

Chicken House Before....

Here are pictures of the inside of the chicken house now....this is the goal for this week...to get the house ready for our ladies (and rooster) before the cold I know is on it's way gets here.  So this will be the "Before" pictures.  This is what we inherited....Tunnels coming up from groundhogs.  A broken brooder cage.  Nestboxes-yeah!! But 4 are missing bottoms.  And a walls in serious need of repair.

Ah...the coney sauce

When I was about 13, my parents bought an ice cream shop, along with it a proprietary coney sauce recipe that I still do not have.  I've been told it will be willed to me.  So my mom gives me packets of spices and from that I can make a MASSIVE batch of sauce.  I remember making the sauce and you have to squish oodles of raw hamburger with a bunch of tomato paste.  It's not the nicest job in the world.  And pictures are a must!!

Unfortunately, due to a minor miscommunication...the 7 pints of water that should be added was communicated as 7 quarts.  ahem...yes that is a bit of a difference.  So our coney sauce simmered for almost 3 days to get rid of all the water.  It still tasted great though!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy November...getting caught up.

For some reason, I can't get onto the blog at home, so I've done some tweeking to see if taking off the Feedjit and Followers will help!  Not that I don't love seeing where everyone is coming from and the happy faces of my followers, but I figure you might actually like to have new stuff to read.

This may be a long post...It's been a busy month already.  Now you know, I don't have my camera with me because I actually remembered the "tail."  So pictures soon!

First I have a huge SHOUT out to my wonderful friends Myra & Kerry who came and rescued me from the land of the boxes.  Myra came over quite a few times to help get the Boy's room in order and bless Kerry for her optimism that we could get the homeschool/scrapbook/office put together.  Yeah, delusional.  Myra did a great job on Boy's room, and her 3 precious girls ran around the house looking so cute in PINK!  Meanwhile, her two boys (two of my Boy's favorite people) ran around outside with mine and did all kinds of BOY stuff.   This was at the beginning of the week (2nd/3rd-I can't remember), then she and the kids came back on the 6th along with Kerry and her two girls.  (see the cute pics below-dragon & cat) came over to help me finish up getting ready for the farm warming, Boy birthday party. 

It was a beautiful week so the kids all got to play out in the yard.  Plus, Boy's birthday gift from us was to move his swingset over from the other house.  It arrived on the 4th.  FUN!  Also on the 4th, I tried to go pick up two of our newest editions to the farm.  An Aracuana Rooster and hen.  A lady about 18 miles away needed to find a new home for them.  Unfortunately, I got hopelessly lost.  As much as I'd like to think I am a country girl....there were no street lights, no street signs...just numbers, and I decided that the GPS wouldn't be needed.  Sadly, not only did I get lost, but when I finally found a road number I knew, I went north instead of south and didn't realize I was going the wrong way until I ended up at the town limits of a town about 30 miles away!! 

For Boy's actual birthday, he got his swingset, and his Daddy got him just what he wanted...a Lego Harvester!!!  It's our farm boy!  Then he spent the day with Mom going to 7 different stores to get the stuff for the farm party.  He chose to have his birthday cake at the party, but got to pick what he wanted for dinner.  King Crab Legs, Mashed Potatoes, and Brussel Sprouts.  The kid had good (but expensive) taste!!

On the 6th, everyone came over to help, like I already mentioned and then at sundown, the Boy and I set off (with the GPS this time) back out to get our Rooster.  This time we found them.  BooCoo, the Rooster, is beautiful, and Dora, his little hen friend looks alot like Arica (just without the clipped beak)  Pictures will be inserted here soon...check back!

THEN,  The day of the farm party....Mom and Dad came early to help.  They are so wonderful!  I am going to miss them so much when they leave for Florida later this week!  Boy and Man were off doing a delivery for Man's business to a farm about 2 hours away.  Mom and I cooked and cooked.  (Oh, and I have to tell you the story about the coney sauce!!)  I joked with Man before he left that if our customer had any stray chickens to bring em on home.  He called and put our customer on the phone...how many chickens did I want??  What?!?  So I ended up with 2 more Aracauna hens  (Brownie, and I can't remember what Boy named the other) and 2 White-laced Wyandotts.  (Named Wyan and Dotts)  They are all so pretty!  OK, I may be a bit (a bit??) weird that I think chickens are pretty, but I do.  Our rooster is gorgeous, but right now is hen-pecked, as is the other new birds.  The comets are not being very nice.  The goal for this week is to get the broken down chicken house and yard put together so they will have more room and thus ending the pecking.

I spent a bit of time in the chicken house today and it will be a challenge.  Man helped by clearing a bunch of the thorn branches and started pulling out the Burdock Burrs.  They are AWFUL!!  Our dogs have much shorter fur due to the burrs.  Kristl used to HATE being combed and ran from the scissors.  Now she rolls over and just waits.  I guess they rather have them pulled out than be stuck in the house.  The dogs are loving being farm dogs.  Now if they actually would help and herd instead of just running around barking. :) 

Well, this post is really long and I have still lots more to add...but I better close for now.  Coming soon...coney story, the party, the W'ville house update and pictures.