Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a blessing friends are....

Today I am grateful for friends.  Friends that touch our lives in so many different ways. 

We had dinner on Monday night with a family that we are friends with.  We so rarely go anywhere that this was a huge treat.  The moms had mom time, the dads had dad time, and the boys!  We'll these are my boy's best buds so they had a blast!  Thank you so much!  It may have been a just little get together and a meal, but already I am seeing that it may be an answer to long awaited prayers!

Then are the friends that I don't get to see and talk to very much, but I never doubt their love.  I know if I needed it, they would be there in an instant!

Just today, I went to the mailbox and found love in it.  Two homeschooling friends sent notes along to my boy with money FROM THE KIDS to help with Kristl's medical treatment.  We are getting closer and closer to being able to have her amputation surgery.  But we are also in a quandry.  As much as we love Kristl, we have been wondering and praying if this is the right thing to do.  The money we've raised could go to other worthy things....two other good friends are raising funds to adopt from Ethopia and China.  These are children that will be brought up in God's love...which is more important than a mere pet (as much as we dearly love her).  So what do we do.? We went to a different vet yesterday and the leg definitely needs to go...we did get a smaller estimate ($500-$750), and we are starting to get donations and selling treats.