Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday!

Doesn't the title sound cheery? 

It does not fit my mood.  I almost have taxes done...don't ask, it's a train wreck.
I'm off to the doctor again today.  Sigh.

Finally got a load of firewood this weekend.  Yeah!  HEAT!  (We've been out of wood since last Tuesday) And I did pick up my wheat this weekend!  No more running to Whole Paycheck Foods.  It's a good thing too as there is still 4 days til payday$43 in the checking account.  And we're out of chicken feed.  Hmmm.

I know it's a lot to take on, but I am thinking of a garage sale in two weeks.  The "Let's Pay the Tax Man" Sale in the's on my 101 list!  We can do and  some Aleve and other pharma-friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Updates, sans doctor

So, with my split second timing...I couldn't get it all done.  Surprised?  I didn't think so.

So I actually will be going to my Doctor on Monday.  The soonest she could get me in.  I've been approved off of work until April 15th, currently and they will re-check with my counselor on the 13th to confirm how nuts I am. :)  Before I write the next section...please know that I am resting...believe it or not.  I am still having 2-3 attacks a day, but I am able to manage because I can almost always lay down when they are occuring.  I haven't been able to establish if it is true, but I seem to have one when I am stressed or tired, which seems logical, but I haven't been able to confirm that there is a correlation because I also have them when I'm doing absolutely nothing....not even

Boy had a really fun day yesterday.  His best buddy, N, invited him to play lazer tag for N's birthday.  Along with Boy, his other set of favorite freinds (the V Boys) were also invited.  The 5 boys had a BLAST!!  Then off to Wendy's for lunch...then more running around at gymtime.  Audition.  And Pizza for dinner.  Followed by watching The Muppet Show on YouTube!!

Going backwards, He also had a great day this past Monday while it was still warm.  We were invited by the V Boys to the zoo.  It became an impromptu field trip as two other families ended up inviting themselves along.  I think at one point there was 11-12 kids.  Then after the zoo, just us and the V family went for ice cream where the boys had "Oreo Volcanos!"

Last Friday was a surprise fun day for Boy that we decided counted for one of my 101 goals.  Here's a picture:

Doesn't he look SO grown up??  This is "Upper Falls" in Logan, Ohio.

Do you see "him" over our left shoulder?  Yup, the "old man" of Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills.  Luckily it's not really a "hike".  It's more a walk with big paths, so not to worry, I am not straining myself.  But I took Boy "hiking" for the first time.  Some nice folks on the trail took the picture for us.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off to the doctor today and other fun stuff....

I'm off to two different doctors today to see where we are in "the plan".  I'm seeing more sleep later this week (read: tomorrow) as some medications are likely to be increased.  Ug.

On other fun matters...Boy had a science fair last week and this week is auditioning for the homeschool production of  "What if cartoons got saved?"  If you haven't heard the is so cute! 

He wants to be Elmer Fudd.  We'll see...I think any of them would be so.stinkin.cute!!

More updates later today!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


OK, I'm not talking about Soccer...

I'm doing a 101 in 1001 challenge.  You can read about it and my list on the seperate page here.  I will periodically post how I'm doing on the list, what I'm doing, etc.  I am putting clickable links on the list as I blog or take pictures of  the items on the list.  I have multiple blogs because I can't figure out how to make dynamic pages on this blog (You know, one for scrapbooking, one for homeschooling, one for photography, etc.) so I you don't have access to a blog that you want to get to...let me know and I will add you!  OR if you know how to make my blog all integrated, hit me up with a message....I would LOVE that.

I was asked to put a post on the actual blog because you can't leave comments on the "101" page. So here it is! Feel free to leave a comment, question, offer to help (hint) or link to your list on this post.  I'd love to see (ad help) with your list too!


I know for a lot of people the reality of bees in the spring is just something to avoid and deal with...that was me a few years ago...

Now...for me it is spring because I see bees!  OUR bees.  My hive made it through the winter!  WOOHOO.  I saw where they had cleaned out all the little bee bodies of the non-survivors (read:dead) and dumped them right outside the hive door and I was sure that there was no one left in my little box.  But zooming in and out of the box in the past few days are those wonderful worker bees.  And that means...


And as for the weather guy who said there was going to be 3-4 inches of snow later this week....
"LA-la-LA...not listening!!"  (Besides, we're out of we're out of heat!!)

Another rite of spring is planned for later this afternoon...the official count of the animals on the farmstead....and a trip to the feed store to buy chicks!! Stay tuned for pictures.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The news from the Dentist...

The GOOD news is that I don't need a Root Canal...
The BAD news is...that I don't need a Root Canal!

I really didn't WANT a root canal...but I was hoping that they would say..."You know all that pain in your face??Well, you have a bad tooth that we missed previously...(or fill in something) and you need a root canal.  Now all the pain in your face/head will stop."

Um...nope.  It's not my tooth.  So we are back wrestling with the reality of the Trigeminal diagnosis....NUTS!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grain Mill Fun!

For my birthday...kinda...I was promised a grain mill so I could grind wheat into flour to make into bread.  ( I realize most people are thinking...when will she move into this century??  I also received a new (to me) computer for myself and the business so there is the "this" century gift.)

I thought we were going to hold off on the mill since I crashed the car and had a huge deductible to pay...but my sweet DH....well, he keeps track of things going on in the world and he thought it would be better to get it now and be
Fun stuff from Amazon!

WooHoo Wondermill!

Boy adding Hard Red Wheat Berries
Ta-Da  FLOUR!!

Bread is ready to bake...

Now to add some homemade jelly.. we have any jelly in this house ?!?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hit or miss...

I realize that my blog of late has been very...hit or miss...mostly miss. For that I apologize and I am finally ready to fully explain. I've hinted at it health is currently not great. I started feeling really bad back in November and went to the doctor only to be told I had a double ear infection...that was "solved", so we thought. Still my face hurt, my ear hurt, my temple, my jaw, my cheek...I went to the dentist. I went to the eye doctor. Finally, back in family doctor came back from maternity leave...woohoo...I love my doctor, she is good! I received a diagnosis...Trigminal Neuralgia...

"Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), tic douloureux[1] (also known as prosopalgia[2], the Suicide Disease[3] or Fothergill’s disease[4]) is a neuropathic disorder characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve. One, two, or all three branches of the nerve may be affected. It is, "one of the most painful conditions known to humans, yet remains an enigma to many health professionals."[5] This pain may be felt in the ear, eye, lips, nose, scalp, forehead, cheeks, teeth, and/or jaw and side of the face; some patients also experience pain in their left index finger.[6] Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is not easily controlled and there is no cure.[7] It is estimated that 1 in 15,000 people suffer from trigeminal neuralgia, although the actual figure may be significantly higher due to frequent misdiagnosis. In a majority of cases, TN symptoms begin appearing after the age of 50, although there have been cases with patients being as young as three years of age. It is more common in females than males.  FROM WIKI

Fun, eh?? Yeah, I thought so. I thought, you know it's been months since I had something wrong....let's go with...TN. Yup. No really. So we have embarked on how to live with this new development. I've had to take some time off of work so I can sleep at night like a normal person , we can get the anti-seizure medicines to work and see if that will solve the problem. You would think that sleeping every night and not being at work would mean that I would blog more would think...but you would be silly, huh! I am still having TN attacks or seizures, granted not 6-8 a day as before, we're down to 2-3. But everytime I have one it just knocks the stuffing out of me and I end up taking a nap. I think the first week I was home (last week) I slept about 18 hours a day.

So I'm into my second week of being off of work, and now starting to be able to function just a bit. I've been thinking quite a bit about my 101 list and how some things are now looking unrealistic. I thought I could work on my "Milly" cross stitch that I have been working on since...whispering...1990. Yikes. I have the work, I even have the chart, but now I can't find the thread. So I'm laying in bed not doing much, except thinking about buying baby chicks from the feed store.....