Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have a date...

I will be going in for surgery on


Monday, March 23, 2009

Homesteading Updates

This is what everyone has been looking for...our homesteading updates...

My back problem started on the way home from our visit to our new friends at the intentional community we visited. The last time my back blew out was the day before we were to close on the property in Holmes County, so this seemed like it might be an indication that this was not the path we should choose. We're still open to God's leading in moving so far, but also in trying to find His will closer by too.

We still long for one of our friends from the homeschool group, or church, or even the readers that have contacted us previous to express a true motivation to move ahead with a local intentional Christian community. It's hard to not see the direction our country is moving in, and the daily destruction of the Constitution, economy and the move to end time scenarios (new currency for example). Call me an alarmist if you must, but when the time comes and there are food, energy shortages and rationing, you will know that those who ran for the hills now were right. I don't want to be in the situation of knowing and then being stuck and looking back with an "I should have...." Please, If you feel this way too, are a 912-er, etc, PLEASE email because we found a wonderful property!

We have looked at a few properties that we are considering. The one that is the most attractive has a lot split so we could share it with 2-5 other families if the interest is there. It's still in central Ohio, but far enough out that crime and other factors shouldn't be an issue. The property that we are looking at getting into already has a shop ready for the MAN's business.

(The business is one of the reasons we feel lead to stay in Ohio rather than move out of state. We are currently booked out by about 5 weeks and have also been lead to expand the business into LOG FURNITURE. You'll be hearing more about this soon. We've had requests and now we are working to follow up on an opportunity that seems to be God-lead. )

The property has a house that is a bit less to be desired, but is livable for awhile until we could put something else up. It has plenty of room for animals and gardens. It's close enough in that I could commute to work as long as needed. It really is a beautiful piece of God's earth!

The other one we considered, ended up only miles away from the first. It is also a contender as it has many of the things needed for our, right on a major road. Amish neighbors with a sawmill (this one is hard to pass up!) and this one was fenced. The house is...ok...well liveable but not very nice, and unfortunately it could only support one family and is landlocked, so it doesn't lend for encouraging others to join us in an intentional community. It's also on only 1/3 of the land of the other property.

We've been wanting to get this house here put up for sale, but I've got so much STUFF that needs dealt with that we haven't gotten to that point. We are now considering putting the house up for auction, like the Amish do, to just get the sale over with!

New baby chickens are slated to hatch in about 20 days, then we have about 18 weeks before the roosters crow so there are some time limits--grin! We are looking at adding rabbits even while we are still in the suburbs. The first animal once we get to the farm, I think, is going to be a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, followed quickly by a Dexter Cow. And even more chickens. I want to be wherever we are going by May 1st as that is planting time. God will dictate the timeline, and now with the added complication of my spinal issues, we really are relying on His Grace.

So, feel free to email or comment! I'll try to do a better job at updating, but sitting is difficult with the nerve pain-thus the reason I haven't been posting all along.

Personal Updates

Like I mentioned yesterday, I started having the same type of back pain, and leg pain that I had two years ago...I didn't let it go like before and got right into the doctor. Last Thursday, I saw the surgeon, and he said about 5-6% of patients "re-herniate" and I was one of them. I had a few options (that were really non-options) and surgery. I am going to go ahead and have the surgery. I am waiting, right now, for the phone to ring with when they can get me in. I'm off of work on Short Term Disablity. My homeschooling mom friends have been stars...again! Everyone is praying, so hopefully it won't get as bad as it did in 07 where I was basically unconscience for 7 weeks.

Also, 12 hours after my MRI last week, I was also in a car accident. When it rains... The accident was at low speed, so there is really no additional injury, but my poor car is hurt. I was tboned in the passenger side of the car. It doesn't look horrible, but it's on the door into the fender and it clipped the frame so the door makes a funny "WRRRoooonggGG" when you open and close it. And you have to seriously slam it to get it to close. Luckily, her insurance company is taking 100% of the liablity, and I will be taking my car in tomorrow to have it fixed and to pick up a rental car while it's being repaired. No out of pocket there! Yeah!

I did also FINALLY get all our junk out of the storage unit...I am only 1 month behind on that goal. But it is done. Sadly, now I have boxes all over the place I need to deal with again, and unfortunately with my back I am not able to do much about it. So good with bad.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very Quick Update

I have lots of updates on the homefront, but haven't been able to sit for long enough to type it quick update though before I go again...I have re-herniated my disc in my back (The same one I had surgery on back on 08/07. I will have to undergo surgery again. I will find out on Monday (tomorrow) what date my surgery will be on and will update you then. In the meantime, I am trying to get the laptop (very old) to "talk" to the desktop so I can update everything else that is going on.....

Until then...

Love, Rea