Thursday, January 1, 2015

The NEW 101 List...

If you've read my blog much, you know that I have been in the midst of doing a BIG goal of my 101 list...The last list finished up on November 27, 2014, and I did pretty well.  I had 5 weeks to decide if I was going to try it again.  Not only am I going to try it again, I've recruited two of my best friends to do their own 101 list!!  I thought it would be hard to come up with another 101 things to do, but actually I am having to drop things off my list because I have too many!!

Here's the explaination again:

You make a list of 101 things you would like to do.
You aim to get everything ticked off in 1001 days.

It’s that simple.

The rules? Each task must be specific, with clearly defined or measurable results. Tasks must also be realistic — something I believe I can accomplish within 1001 days — and stretching; I can’t add things I already do or which don’t require any effort.

Why 1001 days? “The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time…because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks.”

1001 Days =
143 Weeks =
33 Months =
2 3/4 Years

It seems like a reasonable amount of time to get a lot of stuff done! I'm still working on my list for now though, it will be published and ready to start on Thursday January 1, 2015 and hopefully everything will be ticked of by September 28, 2017.

Let's GO! If you are doing a "101 in 1001" and need a cheerleader and a commenter...leave a note and I'll help you. Please cheerlead me too!

I think that I may need to reorder the list so it is in catagories....but for right now it's random as how it came to me.....

In Progress ( / )
Blog post about goal...
Not going to happen


  1. Read through the Bible again (with a pen!)
  2. Journal / Draw in prayer art journal
  3. Start Concordance (and Finish it!)
  4. Complete 5 Bible Studies
  5. Read 5 Books to Encourage or Enlighten


  1. Get out of debt (again)
  2. Rebuild emergency fund to $2500
  3. Fund Black Friday account to $450 each year
  4. Complete Photo Inventory
  5. Do two Month-of-Nothings per year (0/5)
  6. Have our Wills Written
  7. Sell $500 on Craigslist or eBay
Extended Family & Friends
  1. Send 5 care packages (0/5)
  2. Send all birthday cards
  3. Do 12 Days of Christmas for a friend
  4. Spend one on one time with a friend each month (0/33)
  5. Go to Maryland (to see 'colie)
  6. Go to Tennessee (to see 'brina)
  7. Rudolph Day each month on the 25th
  1. Read 1 for fun fiction each month (0/33)
  2. Lose another 25 pounds (0/25)
  3. Make and Keep a well woman visit
  4. Have a mani/pedi
  5. Do the Race to Save Face
  6. Do the 30 day Water Challenge
  7. Do a 30 raw milk fast
  8. Use one essential oil each month
  1. 143 Scrapbook Layouts Done (0/143)
  2. 143 Page Kits Made and Ready (0/143
  3. Do the "Tiffany" Challenge once a year (0/3)
  4. Have 10 crops with a friend(s)
  5. Hold Faithbooking study crop 6x a year (0/15)
  6. Do a ROY B GIV photo day
  7. Refinish Scrapbook table
  8. Scrap weekend with 'colie
  1. Make t-shirt quilt
  2. Go letterboxing
  3. 5 field trips (0/5)
  4. Go Bowling
  5. Find and go to a Hot Air Balloon Festival
  6. Start (and Finish) mom journal
  7. Make "If I'm not Here" Scrapbook
  8. Take a family train trip
  9. Arizona Trip
  1. Participate in a Blog Hop each month (0/33)
  2. Comment on 33 new blogs
  3. Have a Blog-versary giveaway
  4. Double Readership (0/50)
  1. Reorganize 1 room/area each month
  2. Paint/Update Zachary's Room
  3. Regrout bathtub
  4. Paint a cabinet in laundry room with dry erase paint
  5. Revive Flower gardens by the front walk (0/3)
  1. Can 33 things I've never canned before (0/33)
  2. Make 3 more homemade ice creams (0/3)
  3. Crockpot once a month (0/33)
  4. Write and use a menu plan 85% of the time (0/850)
  5. Organize recipes
  6. Make marshmallows
  7. Hunt Morel mushrooms
  8. Have a backwards dinner
  9. Rotate and use long term storage (and replensih)
  10. Can 500 jars(0/500)
  11. Use the pressure cooker/canner each month (0/33)
  12. Go to the Shrimp Festival
Other Crafts
  1. Make 3 kinds of soap (0/3)
  2. Make card line for Local Farm Fair
  3. Create Page Kits to Sell and put on etsy (or eBay) (0/15)
  4. Work on Milly
  5. Finish Milly
  6. Finish green scarf
  7. Cret 4 things to sell at Farm Market
  8. Do 20 pins from my Pinterest boards (0/20)
  1. Find and use better production and Income Tracking
  2. Look for and apply for a farm grant
  3. Start a you pick or on the Farm Stand
  4. Hold field trips for homeschool groups
  5. Summer Farm Day camp
Construction /Infrastructure
  1. Put in Pond
  2. Cabin at the Pond
  3. Work on Fence Plan
  4. Build a bigger greenhouse
  1. Plant Pine Trees - 10 per year (0/30)
  2. Plant more fruit trees
  3. Better records of tree placement
  4. Plant soft fruit orchard
  5. Grow a wheat plot
  6. Grow a Rose garden
  7. Make a decision on CSA
  8. Plant a u-pick pumpkin patch for the field trips
  1. Raise 2 pigs
  2. Raise 2 steer
  3. Rehive bees
  4. Pull honey
  5. Restart worm farm
  6. Raise 2 batches of chickens each year (0/60)
  7. Raise a flock of Turkeys
  8. Put up 2 Bat houses
  9. Have all three cows AI'd
  1. Consistant Blogging (0/429)
  2. Increase Facebook "Likes" to 300 (0/300)
  3. Create Wallace Homestead Pinterest Page and have 50 followers (0/50)
  4. Hold a monthly class
  5. Have the "Really Local Farm Market" 2x per year (0/5)
  6. Use a chainsaw

OK, so it's actually 105 without my usual "101...start a new 101 list..."