Saturday, December 3, 2016

My boy is UNIQUE!

Most teenagers I know won't go out unless they look "just right".  

My kid definitely is so secure in himself that he can laugh at himself and do very brave things (braver than I was at that age!!)

The teen group had a Christmas party with an ugly sweater contest....He went all out for it!

Yes, those are lit up lights on the hat!

Don't miss the blue snoopy snow socks!!

For the same party, we decided the morning of that we would participate in the cookie exchange too.
Only 10 dozen cookies needed in a few hours!  Luckily I always have ingredients on hand for my Mama's Buckaroons (Secret Recipe) which are kinda like Macaroons but with oatmeal instead of coconut.  So like a sugar cookie with oatmeal. (that's the most info I will give!)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Winter sunsets....

It's no secret that winter is my least favorite season....the days are short.  The air is brittle and hurts my face.  Everything is harder to do...

But there are some bright spots...I love my pink coveralls, and even with the sun going down TOO early, there are some amazing sunsets....