Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"The Milk Cure"

I'm sick and tired or being sick an tired!! you too?  I hear ya! I made it the whole winter, only to get sidelined on the second day of spring!

 I am on my third week now of being sick.  It started as a cold with a cough that wouldn't go away.  I started to feel better, worked extra hard around the farm for just one nice day, and bam! strep throat!  So now I'm on antibiotics  A few more days and I'll be done with that.

Meanwhile, even though I haven't had much as far as colds/flus go through the TN has been a bear.  I try not to say much about it.  It's like a toddler misbehaving for attention, if you don't acknowledge the bad behavior  and "reward" it, it'll go away...right?  Right?!? OK, so maybe I'm somewhat delusional.  HA! 

Today I have re-read many of the articles I had saved to my computer about using a Raw Milk Fast to bring about better health. I read them a few years ago and was so impressed then that I added doing a raw milk fast to my 101 in 1001 list.  

The most informative of them was an article called the "Milk Cure"  it tells of two doctors that ran a sanatorium around the 1905 and the amazing results from so many different diseases and ailments just by having their patients only drinking raw milk.

Raw unpasteurized milk is a whole food with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes that the body needs. Many of those same vitamins, minerals and enzymes are either destroyed or compromised so that the body can't absorb itRaw milk is high in antioxidants, vitamins (including B-12), all 22 essential amino acids, natural enzymes (including lactase), natural probiotics, and good fatty acids.


I'm amazed to read (but not too much cause we have an AWESOME all-knowing God!) how the vitamins we need have to have certain minerals in order to be absorbed, and TA-DA!  Raw milk has exactly the right amount of each to make it the perfect food!

Back to 1905 doctors, they used the raw milk cure for everything from tuberculosis, the high blood pressure and renal failure to NERVOUS SYSTEM Disorders.  Also there is a mention of numerous patience with failure of the thyroid having function completely resolved!  (you should really read this article and see all the different ailments they addressed!)

The doctor even made an interesting point about milk is equal to "sweet sound blood" that the only difference is the color in the restorative properties.

I found another blog post about a lady with Lyme's disease that tried it, and though she is not cured of Lyme's, has had many of her secondary infections addressed. 

Now, I have had many "cures" suggested to me for my TN.  And have tried or at least considered most of them.  Many folks swear by essential oils.  Others with diet.  Salt caves.  Moving to Arizona...etc.  And I have used the heavy duty drugs to find relief as well (much more often than I like!)  Recently I have found myself actually considering the brain surgery that has about a 50% success rate.

I am in the perfect position to try this.  I milk my two Jersey cows every morning.  They are over producing so I have extra milk just hanging out in my fridge....I've tried most everything else.  So...As I finish my antibiotics, I am going to embark on this for a month and see if it helps.  It sure can't hurt!!

I've had various folks close to me express dismay and trepidation of me doing this. (Not my hubby tho..)  The unknown is scary!  It may be a "waste of time" but I won't know if I don't try.  And if I find that it works for me, what a huge blessing! 

What might be my stumbling blocks....1/ I am totally addicted to caffeine in the form of my favorite diet soda pop, so not having that may be tough. 2/ I love cooking (and eating!)  3/ I love the stuff my guys cook too! (Hello, homemade beef sticks and home cured Canadian Bacon...not to mention RIBS!!  Plus, my boy has made dinner every night this past week!)  

HOWEVER, I'm not giving up food forever...I'm not doing this on a whim, really. I want to see if it will help my TN.  And the other health issues that have been creeping up as I age could be arrested as well-They've seen good results with insulin resistance! 

THEREFORE, as scary as it is to put this out there...I am going to do the month milk fast. With only a few modifications.  They recommend bed rest...I unfortunately can't do that as I need to milk the cows to get the raw milk!
I will be starting tomorrow.  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Herdshare spots OPEN!!

Our girls, Franci and Miracle, are loving the spring weather and the new grass coming up! 

So much so that we have more milk than we know what to do with!  We have decided to open up some new spots in the herdshare.  WOOP!!  

Every day but Friday and Sunday is available.  Feel free to contact me at calicoty(at) for more information (or to sign up)

All the pricing details, etc can be found on the NEW Herdshare Page