Milk Herdshare

Miracle and Franci-Our Milking Girls
"What is a herdshare?"   In the State of Ohio, it is illegal to deliver raw milk, to advertise that you have raw milk for sale, and to have more than 2 cows, 9 goats, and/or 9 sheep that are lactating for raw milk consumption purposes. These laws are restrictive and make it difficult for a small farm to succeed.  A Herdshare is when you purchase a "share" or interest of a herd of milking cows or goats or sheep. You become a joint owner of the herd of milk producing animals and in exchange for paying a monthly boarding and care fee, you receive 1/2 gallon or share of the fresh milk from your animals weekly. Herdshares are legal in Ohio and are allowing Small Farms like mine to help Support themselves and help families by supplying a good fresh product and by employing our neighbors to help us on our farms.

 "How do I purchase a herdshare?"   Contact the farm via phone or email to check for availability!  Once you have emailed or phoned and confirmed that we have share(s) available, then you must print out the Herdshare Agreement form, sign it, enclose your payment for Herd share(s) and mail or drop off on your first Milk pick up at the farm. 

"How much does a Herdshare cost?"  There is a one-time purchase cost of $15 per share of either the Cow Milking Herd.

"How much per Month do I Pay?" You then pay a monthly fee of $15 per Cow Share or $32 per Goat Share for care, feeding and boarding of your share of the animals which Equates to 1/2 gallon of Milk per Share. The herdshare purchase fee and the first-month boarding fee ARE due at the same time and then each month the monthly boarding fee is due during the FIRST WEEK of each month there after.

"What if I drink more than 1/2 gallon of Milk per Week?"  Then you  would need to purchase more shares.  Example:  If you need a gallon a week, purchase 2 shares, etc.

"What about Milk Containers?"  Milk is placed into 1/2 gallon Reusable Glass Jars and Metal Lids. The Farm has the jars that you will Purchase for your first pick up.  Your first jars and lids are paid with your intitial herd share purchase for $2 per each jar and lid per share.  You will need to bring the clean and empty jars back each week when you pick up your next batch of  full jars so we can keep reusing them and repeat each week. The Jars and Lids are sanitized again on the farm in an enzyme bath for everyone's safety.  You will need to bring a cooler with ice or ice packs in it to transport your raw milk. Raw milk MUST remain cold at all times, at about 38 degrees!

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