Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you for your patience!

Here is the post you've been waiting on....

Our trip. It was a wonderful trip! We left on Wednesday morning, after a stop to the library to pick up a few books. I wish I had taken a picture of BOY before we left. The van was packed with two beds to be delivered, and the boy was all smooshed in his seat with bed rails popping through all over.

The wind was pretty fierce most of the way there. We made a stop off in St. Louis to deliver the first bed, and the BOY now has a friend in the state of Missouri. He makes friends so easily. After the quick stop there, it was onward.

We arrived to our destination at about 12:30 am. About 14 hours after we had started. We followed our host to his home and met his lovely wife and 3 out of 4 of his sleepy kids. After talking for about an hour, we were given their bed. How hospitable is that?!? I was ready to crash! At that point I had been up about 30 hours with the exception of about an hour nap going through Branson, MO.

The next morning was cold outside, so I stayed snuggled in the house (for the most part) holding the new baby of the house. I love holding new babies!!! My Man put up the bunkbed he brought for the host's kids. The kids loved it and all 4 played like monkeys on it. His beds are so sturdy! It was great to see first hand kids enjoying the fruits of Man's labor! The Man and our Host did chores and ran errands and talked. Our hostess and I talked. The kids all got along beautifully and played. Inside, outside, all over. They went out to look at the new baby goat that was born just hours before we arrived. It was a really nice day of getting to know one another. My hostess and I took a hike up to the top part of the property and I got to see the baby goat and the adult male goats that looked as though they were wearing toupees! Then when the Dads got back the whole gang of us hiked the whole property (or at least the perimeter). We hiked right at sunset. What a beautiful area. And would you know it, I forgot my camera! What a great blogger/scrapbooker am I??? We returned back to enjoy pizza and more fellowship. And another night with our new friends.

The second day dawned much warmer than the day before. The Man and I went off to hike the property again and to talk over what we had each learned so far and our thoughts and leanings towards pursuing moving here. There were some concerned and some thoughts. But still lots to figure out and pray about before a decision can be made. After hiking a bit, we cleaned up the kids and headed out for a potluck at another of the family's house. There are 5 families interested currently. Our host is the founder, then the "C" family, and then the "R" family, then us, and also a man who has had a vision for this for many years and has a website. His wife was not able to make it to the potluck. Neither was the husband in the "C" family. "C"'s wife and kids were there for a short time and were lovely people, I would love to get to know better. They have a teenage daughter that just glows. Her eyes show what a wonderful young lady she is. Then another daughter who is also sweet and a son that is our BOY's age. He and Boy got off to a rough start, and finish. BOY is a bit "city"fied and has had a mom that has told him as long as he's been alive to "don't get dirty." The family that had the potluck was the "R" family. Very sweet with two beautiful little girls. After eating the guys got down to talking about logistics and the ladies sat in the comfortable living room by the wood stove and also got to know one another. The guys spoke long into the night. We finally left at 12:30 am, after being there for almost 10 hours. We crashed again at our host's house. Early (8am) we left for Ohio.

On the way home, we did make a stop in St. Louis, this time at the Arch. It was COLD! We took pictures and checked it out, but it sure didn't take long...then we were on the road again for home. I drove for the last 6 hours. The drive home was spent in thought and prayer and bursts of talking and comparing ideas. We haven't yet come to a conclusion, except that our host has a wonderful opportunity, and a generous heart. He has the equipment and the drive to get everything going right now. We are still praying that we could do something right here in Ohio. Since returning, God has really blessed our business and we have quite a few orders to take care of. We've been contacted by a few people locally that are interested in Intentional Christian Community here in Ohio.

It was a wonderful trip. It was eye opening and educational. Even if we don't join up with this particular community, it spurred us closer and gave us more thoughts and answers on how to get this done. I can't even imagine that God might be using us to be the visionaries for such a community here in Ohio, but He doesn't call the equipped~He equips the called. So...with trepidation we go on looking and listening for God's will. Man and I both feel like time is very short. That with the economic uncertainty and the energy situation, that we need to make a decision and get going with our plan. We pray we are following God's plan for us, but know that even if we have mis-discerned His will, that He will catch us when we fall. So many times in the past few years we've gone ahead with what we thought was our calling only to be stopped at the last minute. Each time was difficult and sometimes devastating. But in hindsight, which is 20/20 we can clearly see where we prayed God's will and asked that if it were not so that the door would be firmly closed. He loves His children and will protect us.

So, we have not given up on community, and have an even clearer picture of what it can and should be. We are open to moving, but also open to staying in Ohio. We want to continue to talk with the people here in Ohio that are truly interested in being in a God centered community of like minded believers.

We are NOT a cult. Wouldn't you love to let your kids out to play and know that each adult they encounter is "safe" and has the same belief system that you do? Yes, it may be true that "It takes a village to raise a child...." I've seen my current village and I want NOTHING to do with it raising my child. In an ICC, you could have that village of believers that will help raise your children without undermining you! Wouldn't it be wonderful to not only be able to go to your neighbor for a cup of sugar when you run out, but also to ask for prayer?! How about being able to count on your community to help you with "barn raisings" and "work frolics"? Have you ever looked out your front window and been surrounded by people, yet are so lonely you could cry? Are you tired of putting on a "happy face" and a "good show" for the neighbors? Or have you gotten tired of them "keeping up with the Jones?" Do you feel like you have community the 2 hours, 2-3 times a week that you are at church, yet as soon as you walk out the door, your community is scattered to the wind not to be heard from until the next time you are "scheduled" to be at church?

I know I have. And I would rather have a Christian community surrounding me, not just emotionally, but physically. And if that isn't possible, then just give me some land that I can have my chickens and gardens and maybe a cow or two.

I've gotten a few emails from the blog of folks who are interested in forming a community here in Ohio, if you are a "lurker" but are seriously interested, please let me know. We would like to start a dialog with you and your family and see what God can put together in the next weeks. Again, we don't think we have much time, so time is of the essence. Experience or not!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're back!

I've be so neglectful of the blog as late. Here they come, excuses, excuses! I was having a birthday/valentines, preparing Boy to do his PRESIDENTAL speech (he did great, btw!), packing, getting ready, trying to coordinate getting our broken refrige fixed, getting a tree off our house, working OT and generally running around like a chicken....wait...I am a chicken hugger...I don't like that expression. How 'bout "running around like a woman who has lost her ever-loving mind!"? Yup, that about covers it!

But now, we're back from our jaunt and I'm ready to take a deep breath and tell you all about everything that has been going on. Perhaps in more than one post as I tend to verbal!

Our refridgerator has been broken for over 4 weeks. We had a power surge/brown out at the house and pow, the fridge took on a life of it's own...temp at 50*, fan screaming in terror, a brief period where I thought the good Lord above had answered my prayers and healed our machine. Then finally giving up and calling the insurance company to find out the bad news. $500 deductible...ouch. Then I called Samsung and said they would extend our warranty out and covered all the repairs. Seems the ice maker (which we think has always been broken) dripped water into the motor, and then the water froze and expanded and cracked the condenser motor case or some such thing...But after only 6 days, the ice machine works again and so does the fridge!!! YEAH!!! Now, the water dispenser is not working though, which makes absolutely no sense.

There is still a tree on the house. Still in the power line. Still freaking me out. BUT...I've gotten the estimates I need and the guy is supposed to be out TODAY to get it off of our house, off of our yard, outta here! And he's taking out the little tree that also fell down but didn't get any press because, well it landed in the yard and not on the house. Updates on that after we see what happens today.

We lost our chicken Starr to her impacted crop while we were gone on our fact finding mission (yes, I will get to that!!! Be patient!). So I was grateful that I didn't have to cull her, but sad that I couldn't do anything to save her. Interestingly enough, the other girls did not peck at her sad little body as chickens tend to do (they will eat anything! I think they'd go after us if we weren't bigger than them.) But instead, they buried her in the hay. I took care of that matter and in respect, went and ordered 10 "nuggets" (which is what I call "day old baby chicks") They will be hatching on April 5th!! We know what we are getting and what some of their names will be... Connie, the new Americauna~Maran, the Cuckoo Maran~ and Becky, the Buckeye. I also ordered 4 "American Eskimo" chickens, but they come straight run (we won't know if they are boys or girls until some of them either start laying or crowing!) So we haven't thought up names for them yet. Oh, and on the day we returned from our trip, Arica started laying again! WooHoo.

The homeschool group did a "Hall of Presidents" like they have at Disney World, for President's Day. Each student had to stand up on the stage, with a mic and give a speech about their life, or recite a speech their president had given. It was a very fun night. BOY was President Zachary Taylor, old rough and ready! He did a really nice job. And I learned quite a bit about our 12th president. Now we are preparing for the Pinecar Derby on Saturday.

Speaking of our trip....NEXT POST~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This will be a short post to update everyone about what is going on:

  • There is still a tree on our house. We're trying to get tree guys, AEP power and everything coordinated. The insurance adjuster was out yesterday and said that it couldn't have fallen in a better way. Very little damage except to the deck. Oh, that and the fact that it is still tangled in the power line. That is freaking me out a bit, and keeping me praying for no fire.
  • Arica hasn't layed since the I'm not sure what is going on there. I don't see a problem...yet...maybe she is about to molt. I'm adding prayers to see a green egg soon.
  • Starr is still with us. I haven't yet been able to post about what is going on with her. She hasn't layed since late January. She has an impacted crop and it is filled like a balloon. I should have culled her but haven't had the heart to do it. Having an impacted crop means everything is staying in her crop and she isn't getting any food/water into her. But apparently she is getting something as she is still hanging on. So we wait on her....
  • Good news is that we are still getting an egg a day...the Buffies take turns laying.
  • Now the big news, I'm packing up to go on an adventure. We will be delivering a bed to St. Louis and the BOY will get to see the Arch (God's hand in bringing a "one off" order from St. Louis!!), then off to meet and greet our new friends and find out more about the intentional community. Man has become good friends with the founder of the community and we are excited to meet them IRL (in real Life) and meet the other families committed to the community. We will be staying a night with one of the other families and there is a potluck planned at one of the other family's house.

While I am in the car, it's my plan to get caught up on my blogging and get everything posted in the various areas when I return, so be watching for updates!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

'tis a bit windy....

OK, so that is slightly an understatement!

We had the big wind storm last night (the same storm that brought Tornados to Oklahoma.) We lost power almost as soon as it started. I think the power came back on about 2 am. I was at work, so I'm not sure exactly when (Except estimating by the flashing digital clocks.)

I was delighted to see the power back on when I rolled up to our house this morning. The chickens are all accounted for. (Although Starr is not looking well, more on that soon). Then I went to go out the back door to feed the chickies and what do I see....

Yes, that would be a tree on our house...

It unrooted itself and broke through the deck railing and onto the roof over the living room / kitchen, is peeking into the BOY's bedroom window, and then on up on the top roof over the bedrooms. It's a 30+ year old tree that is about 70 feet tall....I'm thinking enough for a bed or two :)

I'm praising God that it didn't go through any windows, or through the roof. We don't know yet if the roof is damaged. I'm waiting for the assessor to call. Also waiting on the power company because we do have power but the branches are all over the power lines leading into our house. And it's still VERY windy today, so I pray that nothing shifts and breaks the lines or starts a fire. We also had damaged gutters and downspouts.
It's hard to see but the power line is running through this mess!

Here's BOY beside the rootball. And he's 52 inches tall.