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Teen Bonfire

ONe of the goals of the farm has always to be a place for fellowship.  This October has seen the fruitition of that hope.  We hosted the Homeschool Group's "Mom's Night Out." with 18 Moms in our little farm house.  Then we had the Farmer's Market and had lots of friends-old and new show up to support us.  Finally we hosted the Homeschool Group's Teen Group Bonfire.  We had about 30 teens and parents here.  

The night started very wet and rainy and not looking like a good night for sitting around a fire....but God answers prayer and it did clear up.  The fire was wet, but then a Dad showed up with 10 boxes of back tax records that needed burnt...and there you go! 

Fun had by all.  The cows and bunnies were loved on, There were endless rounds of flashlight tag (of some variation.) Hot dogs and s'mores eaten. 

This is the only picture we got....and it turned out great!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grow out Bunnies!

About 9 weeks ago, we posted pictures of the baby bunnies...

Here they are now.  One Mama had 4 babies...the other had an amazing 8!!  The Mama that had 4 is an amazing mama (Mopsy Jr) and we were able to foster the 2 smaller from the other litter to her.  Rabbits can be a bit violent and will sometimes kill intruders even if they are little itty bitty baby bunnies.  But not Mopsy!  She raised those bunnies just like her own.

Mopsy's other 3- a solid red and two broken reds.

Mopsy's daughter and her two fosters.

Can you say stew?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Guest Post from Man: Making Jerky Convo on Facebook...

This has been a long running conversation with some other homesteading folks on a Facebook Community Board.  I pulled off the names and such and changed them to initials for some privacy (R.P, H.A., and B.M)  As you may figure out, my icon is the combine. B.M's son and father delivered firewood to us last week.

Making ground jerky again today. Man that stuff goes fast. Looks like I need another feeder calf to grow out. Today's flavors are: Hot & Spicy, Onion Garlic Hickory blend, and Original flavor. Our city friends love it as much as we do. Still need some venison (anyone?) and should have more fresh rabbit to jerk next week
    •  Saw two road kill does on I-71 between here and town. If I had a pickup, I'd have brought them over for you.
      October 14 at 1:12pm · 
    •  Gee thanks... Not doing roadkill anymore

    •  My kids got me this poster one year for my birthday: 

  •  Just finished up with Hot & Spicy. You know it's good when it makes your hands tingle from handling it... haha! Sure smells good in here.
    October 14 at 3:26pm ·
  • RP- I busted a gut about 5 times reading the menu closer. Funny, yes, but definitely bad taste
    October 14 at 6:05pm · 
  • How 'bout this slogan for BBQ: "If you can choke it we can smoke it"
    October 14 at 6:09pm ·
  •  My favorite was "Guess That Mess"
    October 14 at 6:28pm 
  • We have deer from last yr still in freezer will that work?
    October 14 at 10:12pm · 
  •  H.A. - Cabela's has jerky spice mix for game which is probably better than what I use for beef. If you want to pick some up I can make some venison jerky for you.
    October 19 at 11:50pm · 
  •  Sure I can stop and pick up some after my dr apt
    October 20 at 8:14am · 
  •  Just finished another batch of beef jerky. We wanted another 3 lbs of cracked pepper & garlic and in only 30 minute the house smells awesome! I still want to do some chicken and...? This will be done dehydrating in a few hours.
    October 31 at 5:22pm · 
  •  Have u ever done rabbit jerky?
    October 31 at 5:30pm · 
  •  OMG I am so Jealous . My Son and Dad came in bragging on how good your jerky was!!! Jealous I tell ya Jealous! lol
    October 31 at 6:42pm · 
  • October 31 at 6:43pm ·
  •  LOL, I'm glad they liked it. We appreciate their hard work.... You're welcome to stop by and have some or they can take some home to you. Just let me know and I'll save some as it don't last long!
    October 31 at 7:05pm · 
  • Yes, I did rabbit jerky. It turned out super tough so it needs to be mixed with, say, chicken or beef or?
    October 31 at 7:20pm ·
  • Turkey jerkey.
    October 31 at 7:47pm ·
  • B.M all sounds good. Just save me couple lil pieces and when they deliver wood again I wont be so jealous lol
    October 31 at 8:11pm · 
  •  B.M and thank you. My son came in and that was all he talked about for several minutes. lol
    October 31 at 8:12pm ·
  • Cracked Pepper & Garlic Jerky is almost done and will get vacuum sealed in 2 strip packages this morning then straight into the freezer. I haven't done much of this flavor (once, I think) but it's really good too. The dryer gets cleaned up for apples and bananas later today. Then, back to jerky (venison & chicken hopefully) on Monday. My meat grinder has a jerky/sausage attachment I may have to try since I've only used the jerky gun.
    November 1 at 7:11am ·
  • Amazing when I think about it... Beef raised on the premises, Cow & calf together 'till butchering time and all the memories in between. And did I mention? Very Tasty! That's 3 lbs of meat to make 1.1 lbs of jerky. Now, on to making dried apple slices.
    Scott Wallace's photo.
    November 1 at 10:04am ·
  •  B.M. - I'll give the guys 3 packs. One each of Pepper & Garlic, Original, and Hot & Spicy with a stern warning they have to share!
    November 1 at 11:04am · 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Processing peppers

We're finally get to the last of the harvest...Had bunches of peppers left, mostly Pablanos.  So we roasted on the grill and then chopped them up for homemade Chimichangas and Enchiladas this winter.  I didn't really have enough to do the canning thing, so we just vaccum sealed into small homemade bags to put in the freezer..

Boy did the sealing for me

Danny Dog is waiting to sample...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Farm Market Take #2

A couple more pictures that came in, I thought I would share.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Farm Market Day!

I didn't get a lot of pictures taken on our very first Farm Market day on the farm.  It was such a busy and exciting day.  The pictures we do have are from set up.

There were some other "vendors".  Friend that had a talent that they wanted to share.  This is the table set up of a friend that does crocheted dish towels and hats and gloves.

Here's Boy's best friend's families booth.  His sister is very talented and was selling hand carved walking sticks, cards with copies of some of her watercolors and hand pies.

There was also a table filled with hand made earrings and cards from "NIKCO"  
Be sure to check them out here

We had jams, jellies, cookie mixes, homemade bread.  Fermentors, dog treats, dehydrated fruit and lots of veggies.  Kitchen angels and mums.

Visitors to Man's table of Weldon Jerky and hand turned pens.

There was also an artist with her pallet designs, and a neighbor with goards, and corn stalks.  Boy had a snack shack with hot dogs and cookies.

It was such a beautiful day and we had such a nice turn out.  I was asked numerous time if we were going to do it again.  So yes, I think we will do spring and fall next year.