Sunday, February 21, 2010

I haven't been posting, but things are happening

Where to start....I don't even know where!

First of all, I had a was harder than I thought it would be.  The numbers have never really bothered me in the past...I guess it was the gray hair I found!  There are many things to accomplish in this life, some important, some trival.  Salvation is critical, looking good in a bathing suit, not so much.  A close family is paramount....caught up with my scrapbooking...not so much.  I could go on and on.  The truth is I would like to accomplish the BIG and the little.

Right now my BIG goal (outside of my faith and walk with God-which are still #1). is to figure out how to find a way to be at home full time with my family.  It's come to my attention (and I actually already did know this) that out of the 70 families in my homeschooling group, I am the only one to work full time outside of the home.  Add to that, the recent conversation in my home about how many "full time" jobs mom has, and that currently my "hobby" is sleeping......

So I'm taking on another job this summer hoping that this may be how I get to finally get to come home.  I have been toying with the idea of being a "CSA" a community supported agriculture farm.  I am not quite ready to take subscriptions, but found a neat idea about a "debit" CSA.  In a normal CSA, you take the money ahead of time and the members get about 1/2 bushel of fruits and veggies every week--whatever is in season.  A debit system is that the money is still payed in, but the produce is priced and they choose what they want for the week and it is debited from their account.

I've been praying about this alot.  I know it seems alot to take on, but I'm not sure if I can go half hearted.  If someone else is counting on it maybe I can succeed. 

Our CSA would not just be produce....I've been thinking that  I would add egg shares and as we get the other animals there would be herd shares as well.  (In Ohio, you are not able to sell raw milk, but you can buy a "share" of an animal and then the milk is from "your" animal--so then it is legal.)  I've already had a good friend offer to get 5 gallons of cow milk per week, so I've been looking for a Jersey Cow.  Looking at the amount of mowing we may need to do...Man is more open to a herd of goats (goat milk, Goat milk cheese, and goat milk soap!! anyone?)  The meat rabbits are on track to be bred next week so by mid summer we should have rabbit meat (already have 1 customer for landlady!!).  We are now consistantly getting 13-18 eggs a day and have 8 more birds that will add to the laying in mid May.  12 more laying chicks are coming on March 22, and our Buckeye Brood is coming in April.  (these we will breed to sell the chicks as they are very difficult to acquire and are in high demand).

And I will be getting 2 bee hives in Mid May.  I will put the deposit down on those in the morning.  I nice guy down the road from me is splitting off his hives and is going to set me up with everything I need to get started, including a mentor!! WOOT!  So here's to getting over my fear of bees....SOON!

But back to the CSA....I think I will have a lot to choose from considering the only seeds I haven't gotten is Jicama (do you know where to find seeds for that?)  Man thinks I should just grow and market the excess at the local farmers market, but I think maybe some of our homeschooling friends might be interested in having stuff straight from the farm, and then I don't have to spend hours every weekend away from the farm.  Although I loved hanging out at the Sunbury Farmers Market the summer we did it previously (2007).  My thought was to have a newsletter every week with recipes of the different veggies in the box.  A farm "open house" where we will have a bbq with all the members.  (Saturday is already our "pick up" day for Man's business and we have been toying with having brats on the grill so they can have some value added and bring the kids to see the animals etc.)  It's been suggested to me that I could also include in the boxes: Jams, honey, homemade bread, homemade soaps.

So what do you think....


Niki said...

i love the idea of using the farm to get you out of that dang bank!
you know more about the particulars than me so i'll trust your judgement on which way you should go. Whatever you do, you know i'm praying for you.

Angel77 said...

I'm so glad that you have posted again! congratulations on all of your seeds! It sounds like you are planning a huge garden! I like the idea of CSA. But the difference is a lost on me. A normal CSA members do not choose what they receive? Debit CSA members choose what they receive and produce is priced accordingly? Right or wrong? My opinion is that God will bless you in what you do no matter which direction you go.
Now - is this on top of the bank? Or will you be quitting the bank while you jump into this? My prayers are with you and your family!