Sunday, August 8, 2010

I apoligize for the lack of posting this week...I will try to get caught up far I've posted 7 new be sure to look a few pages least 4!!!  I've posted stuff from the middle of July and dated it so it would be in order.

I discovered this week that I have not one, but two regular readers!  WOOHOO!!!  Hey A!!! Thanks for reading...I'll try to be entertaining.  grin. 

If there is anyone else reading...drop me a comment, so I know you are out there!


Angel77 said...

It is always exciting to learn that you have regular readers!

I used to utilize my blog as more of a vent space for my own therapy - that is until I learned that my family really does read it. Now I have to tone it down and not rant so much but talk about nicer things! LOL!

Love your blog! No need to try to be entertaining. You've done a great job getting me hooked on farm life!

Niki said...

I figured i didn't really NEED to leave a comment to let you know i'm here, but it is always fun to get those "comment left" updates.