Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is that smell???

That would be our Pyrenees dog....skunked!  UG!  After a whole day of my kid being ill (on the floor x3, in appropriate places x4),  I went out to do chores. 

Good news and bad news.....the bad news is...well, Iona is skunked.
The good news...the rabbit that has been loose for 2 months was sitting in it's cage, just as nice as you please, so I just latched the door.  Rabbit caught.
Bad News...we've lost all three of the youngest chicks (the ones hatched in the nest box).
Good News...the three older ones, the two guinea chicks and the two ducklings are still doing great.

It's been cold, but today and the next few days are supposed to be warmer, so we've got lots of outside chores to do to get ready for the cold days ahead....

Bad news...I think I may have what the Boy had....that or just the smell of the skunk-dog is making me sick.
Good news...I didn't spend any money today!

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