Monday, February 20, 2012

End to the Dry spell?

Here's hoping so! It's not that I don't have anything to say. I'm of the camp if you don't have fun things to report on, it's just better to stay silent. But I'm hearing from some of you...that no...there is a distinct dislike of blogs that paint only a rosy glow.

I mentioned that I've not been feeling well....I had a great run of a few months of feeling pretty good with a minimum of seizures. Then to make up for lost time...bam! Which means increased anti-seizure stuff that truly makes my moods pretty black and full of despair. Vicious circle later....

I went to my doctor this morning. (Love my PCP!) and we had a good chat. They worked up my blood again. Had a frank discussion about the whole mood altering stuff I take, and the fact that I don't think my blood sugar is much in the great range as chocolate seems to be the only anti-depressant that seems to work. Came home feeling fairly worn out, but hopeful. Only one seizure that is an improvement.

I fixed a neat chicken dish this evening. I saw a picture on...say it together now...Pinterest. And just fixed it how I thought it looked. Then as I popped it in the oven to cook...went to the blog where the recipe was. UM....let's just say I had all the same ingredients, but the whole execution was off. Still, as my boy said, it was the best "horrible mistake" I've made.

I also ordered seeds, trees and bushes for the homestead today. I said this year I wouldn't go nuts with a ba-zillion different types of tomatoes like last year. (Final count was 9 types...56 plants...I think) I started laying out the plan for the garden and figuring out what plant likes others and who can't stand one another (Sound like Junior High much??) and discovered that I currently have 10 different types of tomato seeds, and ordered 2 more today. Gulp.

Anyhoo...I'm excited to start some new things this year (besides tomatoes) including:
Jerusalem Artichokes
Cherry Trees
Pecan Trees
Black Radishes (not hot!)
Easter Egg Radishes
Green Popcorn
Blue Popcorn
Purple Asparagus
Black Krim Tomatoes
Fooled you Hybrid Jalapenos (Not hot)
...and more....


Niki said...

I love, love pecans!
How many years does it take for the tree to settle and start bearing?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back! I miss seeing your blogs...even if just a few lines I love seeing your interesting comments. I wish i could do the nose-wiggle thing and make it better for you honey. But until i can get that talent, know we all love you so very very much!!!!

WOW!! THAT'S A LOT O'MATERS!!! I bet you have a really cool layout drawn up...Can't wait to see all the good stuff you come up with for all these goodies!