Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring has S P R U N G

At this point, it would have to take a 10 day blizzard to convince me otherwise.....

Spring is here:

Last months chicks:

 Popples born this morning:

Turkey hatching in the laundry room:

Boys digging big holes:

The extra boy is my Boy's very good buddy who slept over last night (although I am hearing that much sleep was NOT involved. )

Other fun stuff not pictured: Tomato sprouts on the counter, 3 chicks born earlier this week, SIDING FINISHED!!!


Niki said...

Go, go Sgring!
Glad the sleepover finally happened.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wallace's....down on the farm! Awww such cute poppies! And chickies! & turkeys too! And the siding finished too? About time! Woohoo! Enjoy the beautiful day - Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't get pinched! Love y'all ;-P sheryl