Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Just earlier this week, we put our two baby bunnies in their own cage.  They are so furry and cute! 

Last night while doing chores I noticed that Mama Mopsy was pulling fur out...what?  So I put the nest box in and gave her hay.  Immediately, she started gathering the hay and arranging the nest (called making "bones") Hmmmmm.....

Yes, this morning we awoke to new baby bunnies!  She had 2 the first time, and 8 (YES, EIGHT!) this time.  They are very very tiny. 

Spot likes to jump into her cage..apparently he is a "fast worker!"  Yikes.

These pictures are actually of them at one week, with their fur.  4 are white with tan crosses and spots on their backs (and faces) like their daddy, and 4 look like mama.

Here is their cute little faces and a close up:


Anonymous said...

awwwwwww! well it shouldn't really be a suprise.....you know, that whole "goin at it like bunnies" thing :-P

Anonymous said...

awwww no bunny pics yet...hope all is going well! luvs u