Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Exciting news...caution Picture heavy and some graphic...

I have been so neglectful of the blog for the last month or two.  I'm sorry about that! We've had many days filled with drama and such.  Lots of exciting things, and also some scary things.  All that brings Glory to Our Lord, Jesus, though!  I will get updates of all that I've missed putting up in the next few weeks, but I just needed to post about our excited night last night!!

Hershey calved!

On the night of the 28th, she started I stayed in the barn most of the night...but nothing happened.

Daytime of the 29th, went to town to deliver CSA baskets and figured she'd pick then to calf...nope, thank goodness!

Chore time (about 6:45 pm) I went out and went looking for her.  Looked out the back door just in time to see her water break and notice....

YUP, hooves!

There she is!  Frances Butter
Frances for my Beloved Grandma who loved my cow stories.

"What just happened here?"

So then, as mama Hershey laid down to rest and clean Frances up, I went around to check on the progress of her "afterbirth".  (Bess retained hers, so it was a concern.)


More hooves!!!!

Putting on my shoulder length OB I really doing this??

In checking things out, I had to go in and found instead of a nose...a tail.  OH NO, breech.  After a short freak out, Man tried to call the vet, closed of course.  I tried to push the hooves back in and flip the calf.  Hershey was having None of that nonsense!

So finally (like after the longest 90 seconds)....The decision was made to just pull the calf.  You have to do it quick because as soon as the umbilical cord breaks, the calf will start to breathe and if they are backwards they will suffocate.  So....pullllllllll.......


Twin Girls!

Boy with Franci and Hershey with Miracle

Mama and babies

Frances trying to get up for her first meal.

Our beautiful baby girls!!

We have lots of other videos...some more graphic of the calf actually coming out...but will reserve that to by request only.

Please comment, so I know who came by to "Visit the Nursery"


Sabrina Parrish said...

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

YOU are AMAZING!! Praise God that you were there at the time and were able to help w/ the 2nd blessing! How exciting!:-)

tleyen said...

What sweet baby girls!! Congratulations! :)

Niki said...

I can't wait to see the video of you birthing Miracle.
Good job, Hershey and Farmer Rickki!

kelly said...

WAY TO GO, YOU GUYS!! That is so cool! Congratulations!

unofficially, Chapulina. said...

How amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. So thankful everything went well. You are one courageous woman! We really miss the milk, btw. And I'm down to 2 pints of cream in the freezer. Looking forward to good milk in the future.

Mom said...

All of this from a girl who would not go to an outhouse when camping. Had to have flush potty's. Dad just can't believe what she has been doing. We are very proud of our girl and our new grand baby girls.

Kerry Aulger said...

Very excited for you!

Elizabeth said...

so glad you were there and it didn't happen during CSA deliveries! How exciting - twin girls! Never saw that coming, well done Hershey --- she gave you the 2 calves you were going to get originally! God is good!

DebbyGMomof3 said...

So amazing!! Thank you for sharing- and we'd love to see the graphic video too... Silly homeschoolers.... ;-)
The kids got teary eyed this morning when I showed them the photo. Can't wait to share this one. :)
Congrats on the "home birth"! Francis and Miracle are beautiful. I hope Hershey momma is doing well after all that! :)