Thursday, December 4, 2014

101 in 1001 in review


Recently, when I mentioned that I was tryin to hurry and get as much of my 101 done before I ran out I time, my listener asked "Why?"  I was somewhat stumped. And when I said it had to be done by the day before thanksgiving, she asked "what happens if you don't?"

Asked in curiosity, but it threw me for a bit of a loop. Why was I knocking myself out to accomplish what seems to others as arbitrary and random tasks? And why was one date on the calendar more important than another?

The random goals are all things that I've wanted to accomplish at some point. And the deadline is because we all get so caught up with the everyday "survival" that the extras get pushed off to "tomorrow" and for so many tht "tomorrow" doesn't happen. 

Being goal setter that I am, I was very disappointed by all I hadn't accomplished.  Then took a different attitude. I have finished a lot!! Some people are happy with completing 10%-25%. Of course, I wanted 95-98%. Of the things I didn't "complete" they are actually partially done. (Like one is to make 5 different flavors of ice cream-we got 3 done. ) but because its not completely done it isn't in the "done" pile.   Completely finished is 52/101, over half, or 51.4%.  And if I were to count some of the stuff over half done??  Why I'd be up to 65. 

I think I need this kind of challenge to stretch myself. I need these lists to get the random thoughts out of my head where they may never be more than a "wish".  SO. I am going to do it again starting on January 1st. Luckily, a couple of my friends who have listened to me blather about it for almost 3 years, are joining me with their own 101 list. 

Wanna join us?  You can make your list however you want. With 101 little goals. Or a big goal with multiple steps. You don't even really have to pick 101. 

And to answer the question that person asked.  Well, really, nothing "happens" if
I don't finish my list...but look at all the cool new things I have done if I DO!!!


Niki in Baltimore said...

Right on!
Way to go!
Excited to do the next round with you.

Sabrina Parrish said...

I am hoping to join you!! Plus, I am so proud of what you HAVE accomplished! With all you have on your plate, you amaze me every day!