Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Making Pens

Man and Boy have always enjoyed their time in the woodshop.  

Back when Boy was six, he turned his first pen at an event at a woodworking store where Man was the manager.

Since then, they go in cycles of working on the wood lathe and not.  Since Man's surgery, he's been trying to find more "little" things to work on.  

The guys had a father / son weekend and now all the lathes and equipment is out and they've been going to town making some beautiful stuff.

SteamPunk Pen

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Elizabeth Knodt said...

Everyone I have given one to is so impressed by it! They are works of art, just beautiful. I love my pen - you can see the worm hole in the wood and char marks from a fire, it has such character. Thanks Man and Boy for your creation!