Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dehorning Day #TBT 6/1/15

The "kids" before the visit from the vet.

After all the unneccessary drama of Weldon's last few days on the farm, we decided that it was time that the girls were dehorned.  And also Mooster was going to have a "close encounter with a few rubber-bands"

So our vet, Dr. Becky came out with a chute and a helper.  The girls, being addicted to sweet feed, had no issues going into the chute.  Then Dr. Becky just snapped the horns off (I say it like it was neat and easy, but OH MY!!!  I almost had to go in the house, my babies!!)


I only took pictures of Franci in the chute as I was so tramatized by the whole thing I couldn't take pictures after seeing the procedure.  I did get some  "after" pictures though.  I wish I could have gotten a video after she put the bands on Moosteer's bull parts.  He was walking around "Very FUNNY!"  Mooster is what is known as "Naturally polled" meaning his genetics doesn't have horns.

Franci & Moosteer resting in the hay after their hard morning!

Miracle with a big bloody mess all over her head-UG!

Farm lesson number 552: Get those horns off ASAP when they are young!

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