Saturday, December 12, 2009

Working on the chicken house...PICS

3rd day on the chicken house and yard.  Spent the first day clearing out the yard.  I've decided that pergatory is not filled with fire but with Burdock Burrs!  Man alinve what a nuisance!!  I've read that goats will both eat them/ or absolutely will NOT eat I just pulled and pulled and burned.  The yard is basically cleared.


Yesterday onto the house...I found some plywood in the little barn, and then with cut offs from the Man's business and inherited wood.  Also discovered that I am!!  So much so that I ended up on steriods. UG!

Man came out after I struggled for the three days and still did not feel like I had made progress.  He came out with power tools and "hill-billied" the house together for me.

AFTER: (Not Completely done...but the yard...)

The structure on the right has been torn out now too.

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