Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I know that this post is late, but the thoughts and sentiments were on time.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  Very good friends of our family came over and spent Christmas eve at the Homestead eating finger foods and hanging out.  Then we went to their house and enjoyed a wonderful meal with their family.

Sadly, on Christmas eve, something/someone got into the chicken house and we lost 3 of our girls.  We had lost one of our Roosters (Muffin) earlier in the week.  So as the Man had said, God was "right-sizing" the flock.  We are now at a nice round 50 chickens. 

This week we are looking at rabbits.....and goats.....and did I mention I found a cow in Kentucky that I'd like to ad to the farm????

Also, I received no less that 5 seed catalogs in the last week so I am spending all my free time figuring out what to get for spring.

I will be posting, hopefully, more newsy type stuff...and getting some of my other friends and readers back on after having to shut down due to Cyber Creeps.

Here are my Christmas Farmer Boys!

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