Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Babies!!

A few months ago, as you may remember, my boss from work gave Boy their Lop Eared Doe, Sweetie.
 She was older (2-3 years), and my 'rabbit mentor' called her a "Maiden."  Apparently if they don't breed in the first year, it's not likely that they will be a breeder.

The day after Meg and Robby spent the day together, Sweetie (the Lop) jumped the wall in the hutch and went to spend some time with Robby.  I marked it on the calendar, but didn't think much about it.  As Meg got wider and wider and Sweetie didn't, I decided my mentor was right.

Then this morning as I was checking on the older babies in the hutch to the left of Sweetie, I noticed that she had pulled fur.  Normally that is the last thing they do before going into labor.  I grabbed a nest box, filled it with fresh straw and the fur from the floor and put it in there.  She immediately started rearranging the straw  (making bones).  I went in to the house for about two hours.  My curiousity got the better of me, and back out I went.  Look what I found....

She had three babies.  One didn't survive the birth.  The other two seem to be doing well.  They are not cute yet and their heads seem so big and their bodies so small.
These pictures were taken within about an hour of birth.

Father: Robbie (Full bred Californian) Mother: Sweetie (Full bred Holland Lop)

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Niki said...

It looks kinda like a naked puppy...