Monday, February 4, 2013

Ode to the Printer....

We've had this printer for at least 6 years.  It's a great all-in-one that faxes, copies, prints, and copies.  It's served our business, our homeschool and everything else well...until last year.  It wasn't that the printer went bad. 
Microsoft is mad at Canon.  So when my computer died and I got a new one for my birthday (last February) and it came with Windows 7, there was no driver for our printer.  I even went to a site that GUARANTEED that it had a driver for every printer and OS.  After paying my $29.99 and going though a bazillion screeen, it calmly said, "We're sorry.  There is no known driver for this printer on Windows 7"  No work around....nada.  So for a year, I haven't printed unless I emailed to my man's computer and printed from there.
Right before Thanksgiving, Man's laptop died.  Oh, the tragedy.  The Horror!  (All our business spreadsheets are on there because....I couldn't print).  So after a week of trying and retrying and only getting the "Blue Screen of Death", I managed to get a screaming deal on Black Friday on the Amazon Lightning Deals.  50% Off!!
It came with Windows 8.   And still there is no driver for anything past Windows XP for this printer.  SIGH!  So here it is a year since I could print (and two weeks since Man could print) so we had to find a new printer.  We found one that does all the same stuff, and is half the size!  YAY!  I came today:

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Anonymous said...

those are just such hateful, spiteful machines!!! new one is pretty! looks like it means business... hahahaha