Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Ball Brothers

In December, when things were kinda scary, we "discovered" the Ball Brothers music and absolutely love it.  It was truly a comfort.
On Friday, I found out that they were going to be nearby giving a concert!  WOOHOO.  So for one of Boy's "extra special fun" outings on my 101 list, we went to the concert.  They were amazing and sounded awesome and were so sweet and personable.  Anytime they come to town, we are going to make an effort to go see them.  After the concert, Boy got to meet and talk to all of the guys.  This is the oldest brother, Andrew Ball.  Two handsome guys with great smiles!! Love it!!

My boy has decided that he wants to be a Gospel singer as well as his Dad's business. 

I've posted their song "It's about the Cross" which is one of our favorites, but here is another for you to enjoy.

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