Saturday, May 25, 2013

Farm Critters....picture heavy

I thought I would do a day in the life...but my camera kept getting in the way.  Most of my jobs are messy ones....

First Installment...Farm Critters

Yellow cat has found a nice place to lay in the sun surrounded by a crumpled up wire fence so he doesn't have to worry about Danny coming to "play" with him.

Iona-girl looking all sweet.  She is in need of a good brushing to get the winter undercoat out.

Weldon has doubled in size.  He's approximately 75-80 pounds now.

Bessie is starting to put on weight again and looking very sleek. 
She'll be A.I.'d again in June.

Boy got a new set of cages for his 4H Rabbits.  We have way too many rabbits currently and some will be heading to "freezer camp" in the next few weeks.

While mowing, I ran over a wild rabbit nest.  We held onto them until we were done with the mowing and then reconstructed the nest and put them back.  Mama took them somewhere else entirely the next day.

Our newest chicks are all feathered out and will be moving out of the pumphouse and into the barn soon!
Busy on the farm.  Iona and Man getting the mower ready to go and the cows enjoying the sun.

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Niki said...

You say your life is not interesting, but it sure looks that way in this post. MORE please.