Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now I can Route...

I found a picture of a hay rack that I wanted.
 I showed it to my hard working Man and asked for him to make me one.

Then as I stood in his woodshop, I saw all these scraps that were exactly the same size...I started playing with them and set 'em up how I thought the rack should look. And showed it to him and said "like this."

But then I said, but I'd like the wood routed...so he showed me how to route!!

Guess what. I can route!!
Two hours later and learning lots of new tools.....


My camera was on some wonky setting..

My hard-working Man "modeling" our rack!

Boy helped me attach it to the barn wall.

Weldon checking out everyone in his stall. 


Taking a break from mucking the stall.


Anonymous said...

Weldon is lookin good !!! I hope he's not too lonely with mom gone :-( and i love Love LOOOOOVE that picture of you taking a break - sooo my Bunny :-D

Niki said...

I agree with Sheryl, that last picture is fan-dang-tastic.
BTW, I have several things I need routed.