Sunday, January 19, 2014

Baby Bunnies!!

Just two days ago, one of our new Mama's had her kits.  We had 6 little kits, but 2 did not make it.  The other four, however, are doing well.  I just came back in from the barn to give everyone hot water (it's 14* here today with another new inch of snow) and checked on them.  They are all round bellied and plump.  They are all snuggled together and their mama, Rexella< has been continueing to pull fur everynight to pak into the box.  They are all snug and warm in rabbit fur and hay.  I wanted to pull them out and snuggle them, but it is WAY too cold out for that.  It was even too cold for me to uncover them for a picture.  I just took a little peek and then covered them all back up.

Our weather forcast is not looking promising for pictures int he next 10 days either.  BTW, 59 days til spring!

The other mama still has not kindled.  She is doing all the "things" to be ready.  Making a nest in the next box, pulling out fur to line it.  She's 4 days past due.  I'll give her 2 more days until we pull the box back out and try to rebreed her.  It'll be the last go around for her as a breeder, then she'll just become a pet that will likely be sold.

Speaking of which, Daisy, our sweet little cross bunny (formerly known as Jacob) went to her new home yesterday.  Lovely friends of ours braved the cold to come out.  The young lady got a hutch and a promise for Christmas.  She wanted a white with brown spotted rabbit for her gift.  It just so happened that we have two white spotted rabbits looking for homes. Daisy and Speckles (Our only Rex (velveteen) rabbit). When we got Speckles, he was advertised as a  So as much as we love him, he is looking for a loving home too.

With the losses and additions, here is the new Rabbit list:

Spot (Buck-Boy's Pet)
Lucie (doe)
Shadow (doe-pregnant?)

New Zealands:
Jack (buck)

Mopsy (still recovering from the fires)
Mopsy, Jr (AKA Cottontail)
(4 baby kits)

Sally (Florida White Doe)
Speckles (Rex Buck)

Spotted, Single White Male Looking for a Happy Home!

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