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2014 CSA Shares

In 2014,  Wallace Homestead/Cackleberry Hollow will offer a 21 week C.S.A. season, which will begin the week of May 19th, and will run through the end of October. We are also looking at a "post season" C.S.A. offering to run weekly in November and December, until Christmas. 

With this being our initial CSA year, the number of shares will be VERY limited.  We will only be taking 4-5 family shares and 2 individual shares.

Individual Share ($265)--The individual share is designed for an individual or a family of two and will include approximately $17-$20 worth of fresh, seasonal local produce each week. 

Family Share ($425)--The standard share is designed for families of three or more, and will include approximately $28-$30 of fresh, seasonal local produce each week.

Post Season C.S.A. ($110)--In the post season your share is likely to include such cool weather and storage crops as kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, garlic, winter squash, turnips, carrots, dry beans, and others. You are, of course, invited to sign up for both an in season share and the post season. However, there will be fewer post season shares available overall.

The dollar value examples for the weekly shares are simply meant to give you a rough idea of how much produce you get. During times of bounty in the season the shares are considerably larger than these estimates. However, in farming there are risks, and inevitably there will be a very few slim weeks. I am confident that you will find at the end of the season that your share was money well spent.

There are also planned events for the CSA/Herdshare members including an “on the farm” open house day, possible “U-Pick” opportunities, and a “really LOCAL” craft / produce market in the fall.  You are always encouraged to come be a part of the farm and spend some time working in the sun and the dirt!

Picking Up Your Shares
There are three ways to receive your weekly C.S.A. share. Part of the fun of a C.S.A. is getting to know the farm and the farmer that produces your food . For this reason, we encourage you to pick up your weekly share at our farm in Marengo on Wednesdays from 2:00pm - 6:00 PM. However, many people have busy schedules that might prohibit an on-farm pickup. To accommodate for this, you may choose to pick your share up at the meeting times for "Herdshare Pickups" in the parking lot of Grace Brethren-Polaris on either Tuesday Mornings or Friday afternoons

How to Reserve a CSA Share
Membership spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Starting March 19th, new members may sign up for any shares that may still be available. Please complete the CSA Registration form to reserve your share soon as you can. I will contact you to confirm your membership and the receipt of your payment. In the event all C.S.A. shares are booked by the time you sign up, I will let you know and return your check post haste with regrets and many thanks. Payments can be made as a $225.00 deposit and two $100.00 interest free monthly payments starting in May.

CSA Produce List
The following is a partial list of produce which might be included in your share, as well approximate seasonal dates.
      Greens                                      May-Dec.
       Peas (shell, snap and snow)                 May, June
       Potatoes (two varieties)                   June-Dec.
       Misc root crops (radish, beets, turnip)     June-Dec.
       Spinach                           May, June, Oct-Dec. 
       Tomatoes(heirloom, hybrid, cherry)          July-Oct
                 Peppers (hot and sweet)                  July-Oct                     Cucumbers                                   June-Sept  
       Zucchini and summer squash                  July-Oct 
       Beans                                July, Aug, Sept
Herbs                              July-Nov.  
       Onions (green and storage)                  July-Dec.  
  Cabbage                               Sept-Nov.
       Winter Squash                               Oct-Dec.
This is not meant to be a complete list of produce, for a complete list go to the blog.  Absolutely 100% of the items in your share are grown by me and my small crew on our farm. We are not certified organic but follow sustainable practices.

A Note about Reusable Boxes And Bags
. One way we seek to lessen our impact on the planet is to utilize reusable produce boxes and cotton produce bags to package the CSA shares. Reusing boxes and bags takes a bit of a commitment. You will need to return the bags and boxes regularly and care for them while they are in your possession.  At the pickup, you can choose to transfer your share from the box I provide into your own cloth type shopping bags so that you don't have to worry about returning it the following week. You are welcome to take the box with you, just make sure to bring it back the following week.   I am very thankful that so many people are willing to make this effort to reduce waste and conserve resources. We will always be on the lookout for ways in which we can preserve and protect the environment.

A Note about a possible Hiatus
We have found over the last few seasons that reliable production of a wide variety of food crops is very difficult in midsummer at this latitude. In an effort to keep your weekly shares interesting and bountiful I feel the need to begin to shift away from midsummer production. Thus we'll begin a few weeks earlier than usual, in May, which has become a very nice month for growing. And we may take a break for a few weeks in July/August.  This is tentative, so I will give more information as we get into the season.

Weekly Contact
We will be posting farm updates, pictures, and recipes on both the blog ( and on our newly created Facebook page.  We encourage you to send in your recipes and thoughts to add to the fun!


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