Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy March

Yesterday was a day full of prepping for this next storm. I am sooo ready for spring.  It was nice that the sun was out for the morning and it actually got into the mid 40s by the evening chores.

All the bunny cages got clean (which was a feat since everything was frozen) But almost everyone was moved. We have 6 potential mamas this week so they needed moved to bigger cages with nest boxes. The potentially pregnant Lops still need moved. 

Milking is getting a bit easier as I am starting to figure out a routine and how the machine works. Hershey has figured out that I am the "feed" lady so she will walk up to me. She is still very skittish about having her face or neck touched. So hooking her halter is still a bit of a challenge. 

Today she got her first look at the pasture. She walks around with a good stride and even trotted a few times. She followed me up and down the fence line. She even let Man approach her. I do think in time she'll settle down into a good family cow. While she wandered the pasture I got both of her stalls mucked out. Then let Weldon out to muck his. 

I am getting a good amount of milk, but it seems like she should be giving more.   I am trying to be patient with both of us, but know if she drops in production and stays there it's difficult to get it back up.

Enjoy this pretty day before the storms roll in again!

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