Monday, August 4, 2014

It's the Man's birthday...

I haven't shared on the blog yet, but one of the reasons I've been offline a lot this summer is the absolute craziness that has gone of which is a Big.Medical.Issue.

My man has been feeling sick to his stomach since early June.  He dealt with it, but it was really an issue.  He was spending more and more time on the couch than anything else.  He didn't go out to see his bunnies...

Fast forward to July 5th,after having a great time with friends on the 4th, he really felt bad.  So we went to the ER.  Thinking it was a gall bladder or such issue....They told us that wasn't it, but we should follow up with our family doctor because his EKG was abnormal...umm..but then sent us home...I'll spare most of the little details, but it ended up not being a stomach thing but a very serious heart problem.  He is now disabled from our business (at least until October.)

We have seen true miracles...such as first they did a test and told him that we were scheduled for open heart surgery in 10 days.  We and many of our prayer warrior friends prayed for healing and strengthening of the heart and wisdom for the doctors.  When we went in 2 days before the surgery for a more invasive test to see the damage, it wasn't as bad as they orginally thought and surgery ultimately got cancelled!! God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is Good.

We still have very, very serious issues that we are patiently working though, but with God is with us and this is not a surprise to Him.

So for Man's birthday, it was a very quiet day.  Resting and well, resting.  He did manage to take his once daily walk out to see his bunnies and give them a drink..

The black strap around his neck is an amazing invention called a Zoll LifeVest!  
We are so grateful for this technology.

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