Thursday, September 25, 2014

My turn to make soap!

After Man's test runs on Tuesday (one less than successful, and one successful!! YAY), he said it was my turn to make a batch.  After all, it is MY 101 goal and apparently deligating it out doesn't count.

He assembled everything I needed to complete the task.

And gave me step by step instructions-
That's what this lovely look is all about!

The lye heats up...

You mix in the oils and get it to "trace"
(No, this isn't a true tutorial)

And then scrape it all into a pringles can (Round soap!!)
And smile, another Homestead accomplishment!
(Not to mention, 101--check!)


Anonymous said...

Dang girl! You are ROCKIN those goggles! Wooo Wooo! And such pretty're all coordinated! 😛 Sheryl

Anonymous said...

so how many soaps did you make with that batch? more info!