Friday, August 26, 2016

Countdown to Blogoversary!!

I have been blogging on and off (more off than on lately) for 10 years!  Unbelievable!!! 

September 27, 2006 was the first post I ever's on a blog that is no longer public and journals all the trials and tribulations as we worked on getting ready to open our scrapbook bed & breakfast in Amish country only to have the whole thing implode 3 days before closing...but that it was definitely God's will because shortly after that, I had to have spinal surgery.  

Then when I was spending all my time writing about our first chickens, and our dreams went a different direction, I started this blog.
Look at how little our Boy was with his first chicken!!
I haven't been writing for lots of reasons.  My beloved Canon Camera bit the bullet in the one day between the calves births this spring.  And not having pictures, has made it less fun to blog.  Add to that the crazy busy of teaching two new mamas the whole milking routine and growing (AND WEEDING-UG) for the CSA, milk delivery....etc.  I haven't had much down time. 
 Add to that a new tablet that will not post correctly (I got the tablet specifically to be able to "blog on the fly") and it's just been too frustrating.

Eh, excuses, excuses!  Enough of that!

But I've discovered, I miss doing it.  
And since I have a milestone blogoversary coming up, we are going to do something about that!!

So starting today, I will endeavor to blog everyday between now and then (September 27, 2016).  And for every comment posted on the posts, I will put your name into a drawing for a gift of our Wallace Homestead Jam/Jelly Gift package!  So if you comment every day, then you have 32 chances to win!!  If you refer a new reader and they comment and say you sent them, I'll add another entry for you!

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate you more than you know!


Elizabeth said...

I <3 your blog and I read every post! I am excited for a post a day - way to go!!

~Nan said...

I've always enjoyed reading your blog and am glad you are getting back to it! Wonderful giveaway!!

Erin Canter said...

I would still love to come visit your farm. Did you say that you have an event in the fall?

Niki said...

I am going to comment on every post because i NEED to try that new Strawberry-Blueberry jam you and your dad concocted this week!

Rickki said...

How about this? One of the guys in the Singing Buckeyes wants a jar. Once word gets out how good it is I'm sure it won't last.
- Scott

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog! Strawberry blueberry? That sounds intriguing! Do you have watermelon? I'd love to see all the flavors you have this year. And most important....I Love You! sheryl

Linda Beaver said...

Your jams and jellies look wonderful! I would enjoy them very much! (I am Erin Canter's mother!) I love the name "Cackleberry Hollow"...who came up with it?